Experiences After the Gnan Vidhi 

Of Gnani Purush Dadashri


           My experience after receiving The Gnan of Gnani Purush Dadashri from Atmagnani Deepakbhai





True Liberation is incredibly hard to find at any time, I have found it.

Sonny Ritscher

Hello.  My name is Sonny Ritscher.  I live in Los Angeles, CA.  I attended the Gnan Vidhi ceremony in 2008. Self-realization in 48 minutes, huh?  Well, the answer is definitely "Yes!", much to my continued surprise.  From not having a clue about who or what I was, to knowing without a doubt that I am Pure Soul, what more could anyone ask for?  This knowledge is beyond anything I have received in my lifetime of searching because this is the answer to everything.  "Sonny" is totally separate from me and I, the Pure Soul, am totally separate from "Sonny".  This may not seem extremely earth shattering on the surface, but within this knowledge is the end of charging (creating new) karma.  This has come to an end through this knowledge.  Sonny does what he does, but there is no one "doing" anything here.  Sonny is just a set of circumstances coming together and coming apart.  He no longer has any intentions in his actions, yet they continue just the same.  My only "work" is to know who I am and follow the Five Agnas (principles) which are given directly after the Gnan Vidhi ceremony.  The funny thing is that the "work" is being done by itself.  The knowledge that I am Pure Soul and the Five Agnas keep coming on their own accord.  I am just prompted from within when needed.  This is all so easy and subtle that it is easy to overlook the magnitude of what is being given here.  True liberation is incredibly hard to find at any time and especially in this day and age.  My only hope is that whoever reads this will recognize the importance of what is being given in the Gnan Vidhi ceremony.  The knowledge of who you truly are is the missing piece of the puzzle.  This ends the searching and brings you home.  My thanks to everyone involved, especially Dada Bhagwan and Deepakbhai.

Thank you shuddha



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