Experiences After the Gnan Vidhi 

Of Gnani Purush Dadashri


           My experience after receiving The Gnan of Gnani Purush Dadashri from Atmagnani Deepakbhai





The Scientific Approach to Akram Vignan through a German Scientist

Christian Opitz


Christian’s Journey to Akram Vignan


Christian Opitz was born in Germany in 1970. From early childhood on, he was drawn to science and studied physics and biochemistry at university levels while still in high school.  His quest to find a deeper meaning in life led him to the spiritual teachings of Taoism, Buddhism and later the pure Self – realization teachings of Ramana Maharshi and Robert Adams.  He studied Taoist practices with various masters, including Max Christensen on the Kunlun tradition.  He also benefited from the teachings of Adyashanti and Raphael, two Western teachers of pure Self – realization.  In 2007, he was guided to Simandhar City, the community of followers of Akram Vignan, the stepless path to the Soul, founded by Dadashri.  Deeply inspired by the purity and compassion he saw in Deepakbhai, the current teacher of Akram Vignan and the community of followers of this path, Christian embraced Akram Vignan wholeheartedly.  After receiving Gnan Vidhi, the transmission of grace that is the foundation of Dadashri’s spiritual science, all the teachings of Self – realization he had received before became fully alive for him. 


Dear Shuddha,
Yes, you can put me on that list. I am already telling people about Gnan all the time and am contacted by people all over the world about it.  I love sharing this information with people and I feel the blessings of Dada and Simandhar Swami whenever there is an opportunity for sharing about Gnan.
Attached (above) some info on my journey to Gnan.


Please free to communicate directly with Christian



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