Experiences After the Gnan Vidhi 

Of Gnani Purush Dadashri


           My experience after receiving The Gnan of Gnani Purush Dadashri from Atmagnani Deepakbhai


Receiving Gnan has seemed to dissolve the veil between the Self and what I’d
taken myself to be.  

Barbara Rozen

August 20, 2007

Having been on the spiritual path for many years, attended countless
retreats, spent time with the “best” teachers and to top it off suffered
from the arrogant belief that I was “spiritually advanced” because of all
that, what happened after receiving Gnan was life-altering, as the seeing is
now from the Self which is directly perceived to be separate from the mind,
body, thoughts, nervous system and everything else connected to the
personal. It is seen that no aspect of the personal has anything remotely to
do with awakening to the truth -- not meditation, stopping thoughts nor
generating good ones, emotional healing, attaining health, creating wealth
or anything else the mind could come up with.

The concept of this radical change of perception was not new to me, and for
many years I had an ongoing intuitive and conscious knowledge of it.
However, fleeting experiences, intuition and developed intellect, or what
might be described as an enlightened viewpoint, are not the same as waking
up from the dream.

Before Gnan, I was actively concerned with and engaged in getting rid of
aversive attachments, which caused emotional pain, mostly by endeavoring to
allow the pain, surrender to the pain, meet the pain, etc. There was a
perceived someone who was trying to manipulate the situation in order for it
to go away. There was an underlying and pervasive belief that somehow,
clearing the emotional pain would lead to liberation, though the intellect
would surely have denied that.

Since receiving Gnan, there is an awareness that transcends personal
emotional experiences, which is not to say experiences are no longer
arising. Rather, they are seen for what they are and there is a natural
detachment that is reflected in a more relaxed and surrendered experience of
the personal.

As well, since receiving Gnan I am very aware of "sweet attachments" which
were so easily overlooked before and not seen as "problematic", like
attachment to the worldly fruits of personal freedom and feel-good
experiences like reading novels and other such activities. Although no vow
has been taken to avoid doing or engaging in anything, now there is a
natural attunement to and listening to the Self and this seems to affect and
inform how the personal operates.

Relationships have also changed. Being aware of the Self in the apparent
other, there is an absence of clashing, tension and power struggles. When
these tendencies arise, Pratikramam (forgiveness/repentance) seems to arise
on its own.

Much gratitude to Deepakbhai and all the wonderful people in this
organization who so freely and lovingly support the awakening of humanity
everywhere through the offering of the amazing gift of Gnan and the path of
Akram Vignan.

Please feel free to communicate with Barbara Rozen directly.



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