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My name is  Juan García C. from Spain . The only one reason that leads me to tell you about my experience after the Gnan Vidhi is that everyone who may read this experience may have the chance to know what they can expect to happen  if they ever go through this process. It is not at all my intention to make any sort of proselytism in favour of this path, nor is this the intention of this path. We western people are very much used to only give a chance to that what really works. That´s why I  thought .. it could be important to let you know  from the western point  of view what is all this Gnan Vidhi process about. I guess it is interesting in the beginning and at mind or intellectual level to give you a glimpse of this Gnan Vidhi experience so it could  pull down our sometimes many intellectual and cultural barriers.


This is the main reason for me to write about it so you don’t miss the insurmountable opportunity to know who you really are...and how to meet that marvelous Pure Self which dwells now within you..


When I first started getting information about the path of Akram Vignan through some web pages in English, I thought to myself that it was quite strange that someone called Gnani Purush in India could give you Self Realization in a matter of 48 minutes. It was just too incredible to believe that someone could have such a power to make this happen. I found very daring to say that in a web page, but internet is filled with strange things and affirmations which shouldn’t be taken too serious. Furthermore I was a little bit scared about my experiences with two Hindu paths which ended in disappointment.


This disappointment process was always the same; I trusted too much in the power of the guru and the guru trusted too much in the power of my heavy karma or impossibility to experience the path within. This combination ; one guru and a heavy load of karma made impossible for me to experience anything within. Even when I experienced something , now I know it was due to the power of my own mind concentration and not necessarily due to the power of the guru.


Now that I have experienced the Gnan Vidhi, I know, (and you can know )what is the huge difference between a Gnani Purush and a guru and between intellectual or mind devotion and true Self Realization.


In this process I asked so many questions as possible to Shuddha through e-mail. When the date approached and with a lot of hesitation but also very willing to know the truth, I took the plane to London where this meeting with the Atma Gnani (the Bestower of the Knowledge of the Soul) Dra. Niruben was to be hold. I just wanted to know if all this Self Realization was real or not.


When I arrived to London I rushed to place where the satsang (holy meeting with the truth) was hold. At entering the hall I saw a group  of 60 Hindu people who were gathered around a Hindu woman on a stage. I got the feeling in that very moment that it was another typical hind guru-disciple path. All what it was said was in Gujarat (Gujarat State language from India). They were asking questions to Dra Niruben about their spiritual practice. This lady appeared to me nonetheless very different to the normal gurus I have met so far. She was very humble  and familiar to the people around. She continued answering with patience all the questions for two or three hours. All was very open ,simple, familiar and with no trace of any guru paraphernalia around her. They translated to me some questions and answers but I didn't understand the most of it. I thought it was very helpful for these people but not so much for me.


At the following day it passed my mind not to go any more to satsang as I was not getting much from it, but two hours before the satsang I was already taking the underground to go to Wembley to attend the satsang again. Besides that I was a bit scared of having spent a lot of money for a satsang that I could not understand (all in Gujarati). I thought about having a look around London instead of going to satsang but again I went to satsang all the same. In this very way three days passed by having a lot of intellectual doubts in my mind. During those satsangs I meet a lot of people who  helped me very much to understand the path of Akram Vignan. I  attended some ceremonies as well ,a bit alike to some I had already attended in Spain (with other guru path). All seemed to be very normal, familiar, free and Hindu but still I had the feeling within that it was not for me.


They allowed me to ask Dra. Niruben whatever I wanted to ask, which made it easier for me to get more confidence but it was still not working for me anyhow. She, Dr Niruben then told me not to get worry and to wait until the Gnan Vidhi. Then , you would understand it all much better. She said


On the last day, the day of the Gnan Vidhi, I went to satsang without no expectation at all. I though that for some reason I had came all the way from Spain to have this experience even if I could not understand it in that very moment. After lunch the whole satsang hall was full with Hindu people, about 120 people or so, and only three westerns, two British ladies and myself .


We sat around Dra Niruben and she asked us to repeat several sentences in their language so loud as possible. As I didn't understand a word of it I was either able to repeat the sounds they pronounced. I just guided myself a bit by the man which was besides me. In this way the process of the Gnan Vidhi went on for one hour. Then she gave some advises and instructions about the path. After the Vidhi, the people who didn´t understand Gujarati were called to be given some explanation about the basic guidelines of Akram Vignan.


Then Dr,Niruben called us , the three westerns , and she made us repeat some of the Vidhi sentences in English  which dealed about the qualities of the Soul. They were very beautiful and powerful. When she finished we three thanked her for her kindness and patience showed to us and we went home.


In the beginning I didn't feel anything special not to mention the normal feeling of relaxation after one hour meditation (with closed eyes). I took the underground back to my hotel and when coming out of the station I started to feel a sort of a un expected euphoria and joy coming from within. It was no longer a feeling of relaxation due to meditation. I started to think  that may be it could work for me. On the way to the hotel I noticed that my whole awareness of space and time and myself within that space and time was being changed, not really changed but more like destroyed. It was the first time in my life I wasn't no longer sure that “that” called “Juan” which was walking to the hotel was me. This time it was not at all a play of intellectual concepts borrowed from somebody else, it was a real experience happening within me.


Before the Vidhi I intended to watch the English TV. for that last light in the hotel but with that Gnan or Knowledge within I couldn't do nothing .I didn't  want to read , nor to have a walk around London, nothing at all but to continue feeling that bliss which was like pouring from within. A bliss that I never felt before with many years of daily meditation. It was all a pure state of bliss. Then I knew that all what Shuddha had told to me was indeed true and that this bliss is impossible to be converted into words.


Even sleeping I felt the touch of this Bliss which seemed to sprout from the heart area. It was as if my heart was full of light spreading this light all around me. I noticed that even the thoughts very no longer so important and that they took the form of visualizations which I could observe before affecting me at all.


I thought that it may be gone the following day, but on next day, the feeling of bliss was still stronger sometimes even painful in the heart. I had a feeling of automatic pilot detachment to all which was happening around . Walking, having breakfast, saying just “good morning” or just opening a sweet was a completly blissful new experience to me. When looking at my hands I could observe them as being separated from my real “I”. The same happened with the thoughts , and with all this “doll” called juan was doing.


You could even observe my words as coming out of the mouth automatically.When walking I noticed the focus of my awareness was no longer located in the body but some where else like in the space which make you walk like floating in the space,(or making the doll of your body moving). As for the shift that takes place in conecction with time –feeling I simply can not put it into words. It is simply extreme freedom..¡


Since then I know that all what the Gnani Purush said was completely true and that even the most ordinary man like me, no matter where you are from, and in what condition you are, can get this experience of Self Realization with full guarantee. This separation from the “I” and the “my” of the body to the “I” of the Pure Self takes place in the Gnan Vidhi  and even if you don't understand a word of it, your Pure Soul will...¡What The Gnani Purush and The Atmagnani promised is fully true...


When coming back to Spain all this experiences followed me all day long, week after week making my life a blissful experience. The sense of natural detachment (not intellectually forced) is also there. Besides this the tools given to us by the Gnani to keep this state are also very powerful. The knowledge of the laws of karma that the Gnani and Dra Niruben have gained is perfect. Their knowledge is based upon their direct constant and personal experience. It is due to this so exact knowledge that both of them are able to set you free in just 48 minutes of your time, establishing you in the continuous Bliss of the Self.

Dadashri used to say that the Akram Vignan  was the eleventh wonder of the world. But I dare to say He was too humble by saying this (the humblest between the humblest) because there's no higher wonder in this world than being 24 hours a day in the Bliss of the Eternal  Self.


Even if you may find that this translation to English is not very good, or even if you find many faults in its composition for which I apologise. This does not matter at all at the level of the Soul.

I really hope this testimonial make you realize the importance if this once in a Soul's life chance to meet a true Bestower of  Self Realization. Therefore do please take advantage this time of this so so rare opportunity to meet your own.....PURE  SOUL.


Go and meet the Gnani now in the form of The Atma Gnani Dra. Niruben and humbly ask from her to fulfill the purpose of this human life of yours..................


                                      YOUR  SELF  REALIZATION.


Juan C. García C.


Juan has progressed far in the Path of Akram Vignan. He has been instrumental in awakening Akram Vignan for the Spanish speaking world. Please see his web site at

Liberacion Auto Realizacion

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