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This is one of a series of New Satsang with Dadashri. This satsang represents newly translated material, not available in books on the web so far in English.

The following is a satsang on the topic of Vyavasthit. This aspect of spiritual science has been opened to the world for the first time, in the recent history of man. Worldly exposure of this knowledge is of note. Its existence in history is well known to the enlightened Ones. The Akram Vignani revives it after a million years.


New Satsang with Dadashri commences:

Topic: Vyavasthit: Scientific Circumstantial Evidences : Creation & Dissolution



Source: Aptavani 11: Volume 1 chapter 5, Page 154 onwards.  


Questioner: You talk about this shakti-major energy force-which is doing all these. Is there a center for this shakti?



Dadashri:  That shakti-energy force-continues to arise as a consequence of our illusion. Our illusion creates it and the same energy is involved in the dissolution. What is dissolution? Everything is dissolving from birth till death. Another name of effect (karma) is dissolution. Everything from birth till death is dissolving (disbanding, disintegrating) and it is all an effect. This dissolution is not under your control. This dissolution is under the control of another entity. Only the creation, formation is under your control. That too, it is not under your full independent control. It is under your control as you being one of the evidences (nimit). In this effect your causes are created. If effect remained as an effect, there would be moksha. If effect remained as effect (real nature, swa bhaav) then moksha is. Effect however creates causes and therefor is not natural as effect (vibhavik effect)

The fellow is sitting on the dining table and becomes aware that the soup is very salty. Why did excess salt get in the soup? The answer is, it is because of the effect. Therefore, one has to drink the soup with a sense of closure and equanimity. This is because there is no one at atll who is at fault in this world. The world is totally flawless. If it appears flawed at all, it is because of one’s own faults. It appears so because of total lack of awareness. ‘No one is at fault’, is the final vision. The interim visions may be of different kinds, but what is the final vision? No living being is at fault at all. I have never been able to see any being at fault.

A man currently appears to be at fault, because you see him as the one who has picked your pocket. You believe that man has created the act of picking the pocket. Along with you, the rest of the world also believes the same. Now my language is different. It says that the act of picking the pocket is a dissolution, an effect. It is not an act of dissolution of his. It is an act of nature. It is nature’s dissolution. Nature has involved him in the natural  dissolution.

Whatever the entire world is doing is all just natural dissolution. Whether it is jap (chanting) or tapa (penance) it is all  natural dissolution. The creation happened in prior life, in creation one is one of the evidences, and in dissolution he has no control whatsoever, it is all under nature’s control. All this is natural dissolution. This person who is offering me flowers, what is there to be praised as a good deed? Just like the act of cutting pockets, what is there to be derided? Whatever anyone is doing, your coming here, the entire world whatever it is doing is all a natural dissolution. I am opening this vision to you all as much as I am able to ‘see’.

Questioner: This is so in your vision but,  could it be different in someone else’s vision?

Dadashri: This is the final vision. This is the last of the last vision, the vision of the vitarags. No one is able to improve upon this vision. The words that are coming forth from ‘us’ ( the Gnani and the fully enlightened Lord within) are such that no one in the world can place a cross (negate, correct, improve) on it, ever, not after a thousand years. This means that they are eternal. 

Questioner: When will everything of everyone, dissolve?

Dadashri: It cannot be so. The creation and dissolution will continue. In creation process one is a nimit (evidentiary instrumental doer) and then dissolution is upto nature. So everything that one is doing now is all a dissolution. What one is able to see, hear, smell, touch, anything that is experienced through the five senses, is all dissolution. However, what happens within is a different matter all together. Whatever the world is doing, these businesses and trades, eating, drinking, sleeping, awakening, speaking, all of it is dissolution. It is all natural dissolution.

We are opening (presenting to the world) what ‘we’ have seen in our vision. That is why we are not pulled and attracted to the one who offers flowers to us, and are not repelled by anyone who uses abusive words towards us. We know who is behind all this. We know whose dissolution this is. There is no higher vision than this vision of ours, there is no higher gnan (experiential knowledge) than this gnan. This is the ultimate detail. Sometimes we expose everything. All the spiritual masters of the world scold their disciples. We do not. Why? All this is dissolution.

What is the essence of this worldly life? If one comes to a final analyses on worldly life, then what would be the conclusion? It is illusion that makes one see all these infinite varieties. But, what is the world in reality? The world is not an illusion. The world is real, it is relatively real. There is only creation and dissolution, only the two. The creation can not be seen, and all that is seen is dissolution. It is all dissolution without doer ship. This is because there is no doer in effect. Can there be a doer in effect?

Questioner: No.

Dadashri:  This is the dissolution without a doer. Whatever is being seen , all this running around, marriages and engagements, is all dissolution. All these bhakti is also dissolution.

Questioner: Birth and formation, is that not creation?

Dadashri: Birth happens and death happens, whereas here there is steady state. Birth-death all is dissolution. There is no doer in dissolution, it is an effect. In creation there is a doer, but not a total doer. Now someone makes some tea and says, ‘I made tea’. If we tell him, ‘here, use only this milk and nothing else, and make tea’, he will say, ‘it is not possible'. Therefore, you are not the doer. The total doer doen not require anything.He is independent. You are not the absolute doer, you are the relative doer, and there are the instruments and therefore you are able to do something. By using other things you are able to do something. Likewise, this ego is the creator. If there is no ego in dissolution process, then moksha is. If ego exists in dissolution, then creation is. This is the essence of the world and ‘we’ have seen the creation and ‘we’ have seen the dissolution. There is no independent doer in the process of making a cup of tea. All kinds of things are needed, no? Likewise one is an instrumental doer. Instrumental because it is only possible when other things are available, otherwise not. Only ego exists in the instrumental doer.

Now animals are ego less, and dissolution happens for them naturally and they will be relieved of their animal  life state.  And human beings on the other hand do not want to be relieved of their state, they have the authority of creation (over doer ship) in addition. The animal kingdom and the celestial beings have no ability to create and if they did they would bind a new life (create) but it is under no one’s authority and control. Ego is the only one that has the authority to create. Human beings have ego. The ego that is visible in an obstinate male buffalo, is only only a dissolution, not the real, creating ego.

This is the nishkarsh of the entire world. How do you say it in English? What is the English equivalent of nishkarsh?

Questioner: Extract, essence !

Dadashri: Essence. This is the essence of the world.

Questioner: The words creation-dissolution, steadyness-dhruvata, what is meant by that?

Dadashri: Oho! Dhruvata, steady state is the main Self state. The main Self is eternal. Creation dissolution happens through ego. But the main Self is not forsaken. The creation and dissolution is happening without forsaking the main Self. The steady state between birth and death may last sometime, say a hundred to two hundred or a thousand to two thousand years, but the main steady state is eternal. But one is lost this main steady state , the Self  due to this cycle of creation and dissolution. The eternal state is forsaken.

The entire world is in the form of dissolution. Man has the special ability to create and the one who is ego less, whatever may be his life, it is all dissolving only.

 Where is the necessity of engaging in conflict for the one for whom dissolution is happening? Where is the necessity for such a person to think? Whatever thought arises, that thought also is a dissolution. One must not raise new thoughts through the medium of the ego by saying, 'let me think for an hour’. The ones that come spontaneously are true.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

This is one of a series of New Satsang with Dadashri. This satsang represents newly translated material, not available in books on the web so far in English. Date of this web upload: December 15, 2004.

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