Akram Vignani Param Pujya Dadashri’s Fourth Agna



Bliss of the Self is present when this term is understood through right knowledge.

The Gnani Purush who is the embodiment of experiential enlightened world vision and eternal bliss graces us all with

the exact approach to this term equanimity. This term is synonymous with





Level headedness





Composure exists if you become an observer of composure in any event. It eludes you if you get involved.

Level headedness is for the one who uses his head. During emotionally induced exchanges in relationships level headedness is rarely seen or felt. If all words are a reaction to a signal from within or without, if all thoughts arise as a consequence of a situation even a fleeting one, external or internal then it becomes evident that all that happens to the small s self is not under the control of the self.


There is much more to equanimity as defined by The Gnani.


Does serenity and self-control prevail when things and events go against your wishes?

Is it possible to invoke a levelheaded attitude when situations heat up around you amidst conflicts arising out of individual desires and expectations?

Do you stay cool amidst a heated situation at home or work?



There is a difference between self-control and Self-control.


The small s self is the relative self, known by the world and to all around you as this body with thoughts speech and action.

The capital S is the eternal within you who is the pure observer of all that happens to this complex of thoughts speech and action.

Is it possible to control the small s self?


Is it possible to exercise control over your thoughts speech and actions?


If the answer is yes, to what extent can this control be exercised?

If indeed such control is possible, why is it that misery is so prevalent in this world?


Just reflect upon your own feelings, thoughts, words and behavior in the past. Take any event pleasant or unpleasant and look at the film

of your life as it unwinds in front of your inner vision. See the scenes and the actors players involved and see your small s self amidst all that.

You will see that in events and situations where you had decided to act, behave and say words in a certain way,  never in fact materialized and that all those events and interactions just had a way of happening. Yet you still carry within you what the Gnani describes as a load from those events. This load comprises of opinions, memories, attachments and abhorrence. This load accumulates within you taking you away from your bliss.


Why the suffering, hurt to the self and others, day in and day out?

Why are mistakes being repeated endlessly, and life after life?

No human being wants to cause suffering to others because he himself is striving to avoid suffering.

All living beings exist in the search of bliss.


Bliss needs to be understood














None of the above synonyms adequately express bliss of the S capital Self

They do give some meaning to the small s self.

All of the above imply that which is temporary.

Bliss in real terms is permanent.

Bliss expression and experience is independent of any external circumstance and situation.

Bliss is internal.

Joy, happiness, pleasure are of the senses and hence relative and temporary.

As long as desire for the relative state of happiness exists, real bliss expression is hampered.



Bliss expression and experience is the result of the grace of The Gnani.


So now we come to delve upon bliss versus joy. How can I experience bliss, that which remains with me all the time?


There are two ways.

First think of all the moments when you were really happy. Reflecting upon all those incidents you will find that all of them were temporary.

None stayed with you. Next ask your self why you cling to those memories and what do you want to experience them again.

Reflect on this desire and inquire as to who wants to repeat this experience.

The answer will be

I want it.

Ask again, who is this I?


I, John or Jill  (worldly name).

This will lead to further conclusions that the one who considers himself /herself to be the one with the body of thoughts, speech and action can never be free of desires.

The one who is beyond the identification with the body knows that desires are the impediments to bliss.

This path of meditation into the question of ‘Who am I?’,  works, and who is the one who desires, is effective but is not easy.


The second way is very simple.

Go to someone who experiences such bliss and has no desires.

Go to a Gnani.

In daily life work when we need something done we seek experts and professionals to do it for us.

Likewise the process of separation of the small s self (thoughts, speech and action) from the large S Self,


The separation of the temporary and the eternal is accomplished by the one who has known the method and indeed


Akram Vignani Param Pujya Dadashri


Has the exact method and through his grace thousands continue to benefit from this separation process and experience their bliss



How does the Gnani accomplish this?


See the web site called


The Vidhi


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The Gnani Purush Pujya Dadashri is not alive now. His Work is continuing through the medium of


Atma Vignani Pujya Niruben Amin


To learn more about this new simple method to bliss please start at


The World of Dada



Satsang on Equanimity continues


Once established in the Self, the natural bliss expresses itself. This is a direct result of the right knowledge of the Self. Equanimity is inherent in the one established in the Self. For the one who says, “ I am Jill,” equanimity, composure, coolness, level headed ness, serenity becomes an effort, something to strive for and something to wish for. It may or may not work when things and events and situations get heated up.



Instead of the above scenario, when the one who is established in the Self whose experience is, the state which in words amounts to, “ I am Pure Self,” then bliss prevails. Nothing further needs to be strived for, wished for, or be done.


The entire foundation of Akram Vignan is based on achieving this right knowledge through the grace of The Gnani.

Dr. Niruben Amin who carries on the Work of Pujya Dadashri asserts in her gentle simple manner that she remains at the feet of The Gnani and

is not interested in any titles. “Your experience is my title”, she says…



Jai Sat Chit Anand