One evening Gnani Purush Dadashri and Pujya Niruben were sitting alone after a satsang.
Dada looked at Niruben,and with a smile asked , " Niruben , will you accept and agree to follow a simple instruction of mine ? "
" Of course Dada, " replied Niruben.
" Find and make a single disciple of yours, " said Dadashri.
Niruben experienced puzzle and bewilderment. All her years at the feet of The Gnani she had learnt only one message . This was the
sutra from him that she had to be a shishya...disciple of all living beings...in order to progress in the path of enlightenment.
She, who had never so far negated any word of The Gnani said , " Let me remain as a shishya, at your feet Dada. I have no desire to make or have any disciples. This is what you have taught me. "
Dada smiled further almost enjoying Niruben's bewilderment.
" Try and understand my request. I am asking you to make only one...just one disciple. No more, " he said.
" No Dada, I willing to do anything else, but not this..." said Niruben summoning up all her courage in saying no to Dada.

" Make Niruben your disciple. " said Dada

What an extraordinary statement from The Gnani ! Just as the sun establishes its presence when clouds move away the greatness of this sutra and its phenomenal meaning began to take hold within Niruben. Pujya Dadashri explained further :
"Just as a master takes care of the disciple, attending to his welfare, making sure that he does not slip, constantly in contact and conversation with him for his benefit, guiding him to higher and higher levels, always being there as a friend and a guide, You will attend to your disciple named Niruben . Do you understand  ?"

Niruben realized that The Gnani had just given to her and the world one of the greatest keys to progress in the spiritual path. She experienced the true meaning of the term Sahajatma Swaroop... the natural State of the Self.

Pujya Niruben continues to relate this experience of hers with all her satsangis. The details of this are mentioned in the recently published book called Gurushishya no vyavahaar...master disciple relationship, distributed to all mahatmas during Gurupurnima 1998. This book is devoted exclusively to extensive satsang with the Gnani about the intricacies of master disciple relationship, the common doubts that exist about gurus, how to know the right guru, the neccessity of a guru in spiritual path, differences between a Gnani and the traditional gurus, and much more. The book is in Gujarati language and is edited by Pujya Niruben who had recorded all the satsangs that took place with The Gnani.

For increasing experience of the Bliss of The Self...Sat Chit Anand...this sutra of the Gnani is cardinal. To realize that the only thing that impedes and prevents your bliss from expressing in all its glory is the way you look, define and opine about things. That expression , your attitude is a net composite of what you have experienced so far...the way of the world. For the One who is Awakened, this neighbour...this complex of thoughts, speech and actions...this mass we call the body with a worldly name...has to
become a disciple of You...The Awakened One. By becoming the master...the Guru of your own worldly self...you lift him to levels of spiritual heights never experienced before, simply because of the separation, and the inner surrender...which is the final surrender to freedom.


Read More Details about this in the new Book: The Guru & The Disciple

Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness Of The Eternal is Bliss



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