Desire  Icchhaa



The Gnani Purush shows the true nature of desire with unprecedented clarity.

Desire is like a fire. It keeps on burning until it dies. The Lord has declared  that desire...icchhaa  is
antaraaya karma... that which obstructs and restricts the energy quality of the Soul. In essence desire
obstructs the bliss of the Self.  The only things worth having a desire for is moksha...liberation, and
Gnani Purush...the one who liberates. Only these two desires are not associated with obstructing karma.
All other desires keep you burning for more desires.  To douse this fire you search for water, but find more
petrol only and give more fuel to fire to burn. Every desire that proceeds towards fulfillment is followed by  another
desire in an endless link. One after the other.  The natural law states that all your desires shall be fulfilled, but
you will not gain anything by thinking about and getting emotionally involved with when and how this will happen. In fact such emotional involvement in trying to get the desires fulfilled only complicates the process. Every desire that sprouts within harasses the internal balance and harmony that is your birthright. This life offers myriad of
choices. The choice that is taken by a human being depends upon what  is considered pleasant.
What decides the type of desire ?  What you have brought with you under the wings of your intellect...buddhi.
If you have brought with you pleasure , you get pleasure as you spend your merit karmas...punya to
experience pleasure in this life.


The PureSelf... Shuddhaatmaa has no desire or will.
The Interim Self...antaraatmaa...the One who has been awakened does have some desires.
This awakened desires only the full bliss of the Awakened State... purnatva.
When he is Fully desire will be left.
Vitaraagata...Passionless the state of total Bliss of the Self.
We...the Gnani's desire is only circumstantial and  terminal. There is no expectation of a result
because the final result...has been attained.
All of you mahatmas...recepients of Akram Bliss...have the final desire of attaining purnatva...the
complete state of bliss of the Self.


What is the difference between desire and chintavan...internal planning ?

Desire... icchhaa  shows you what kind of seeds you had planted in the past life.
Chintavan...internal planning is what you are doing for what is to come in the form of desires for your next
life. Chintavan  represents the seeds. The desire you experience in this life is the fruits of those seeds.
Icchaa...desire is effect. Chintavan...internal planning is cause. Internal planning is the charging point of

Desire happens... it does not need to be caused. It is a result.


For our mahatmas :

A setting sun sometimes looks like a rising sun. Do not fear the existence of desires, for indeed
these desires for you all....who have taken this Gnan from me, are like the setting sun. These residual
desires of yours are not going to sew new seeds of desire. The rest of the folks of this world do have both. Their
desires take the shape of the setting and the rising sun.

I have seen the shethiyaaos...the wellfed and cared for buisnessmen...sitting in the congregation of
Lord Mahavir. They used to send messages to their wives to bring the meals to the place where the
Lord was delivering the Supreme Message. These words of The Lord were so sweet to the ear that they did not want to waste any time away from Him, but alas... they are still trying desiring to eat chutney...tasty condiment
and because of this residual desires they are still suffering life after life.


Desire precedes an action that is going to come forth. The desire to pass the final examinations of school
precedes the result of passing. Once obstructing karmas...antaraaya karmas are broken all
desires are fulfilled. One may have great desires to spend money for the great cause of satsang. If it does not happen, it is because of the seeds of antaraaya...obstruction sewn previously. Once this is broken...everything happens according to desire. With this exact knowledge therefore, you become aware of the  reasons why
your desires do or do not get fulfilled.


Icchhaa...desire is not the same as bhaav

Q : What is the difference between icchhaa and bhaav, Dada ?

There is no issue or concern with this mass of raw cotton lying here. But, if you take match and light it, it is called desire. Desire is the active burning fire. It will keep burning until it dies. Desire means to light a thing. Within
you it keeps burning, whereas with me there is no matchstick to light anything.

There is the growing desire  and the dying desire. Growing desire is charge desire, meaning it causes new karma.
Dying desire is discharge desire. Dying desire is harmless.
Growing sprouting desire causes bondage and burns you from within

Jai Sat Chit Anand

The above satsang with The Gnani has been translated from Aptavani One.

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