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No one can argue the eternal sutra of the Gnani Purush which says...


Sajevan Murti na Laksh Vina jey kayee pan karvama aavey chhe tey jeev ne bandhan chhe


Translated, it means that any step that is taken without awareness of the Self, the Eternal within all, is bondage.



A living Gnani is necessary to receive the Gnan of liberation. The ability to access and resolve issues in the path of liberation can only be obtained from a live liberator.



While there are no words to even begin to express that which one holds dearest within, the knowledge, grace and energy of the Akram Vignani Dadashri, one simply cannot remain oblivious to the same within the individual through whom one attains liberation. One does so at one's peril.



On the following link below the images are presented for the darshan of the current liberator for those who have entered Akram Vignan since March 19 2006.



My Eternal Gratitude to the One who gave me the Knowledge 

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May 10, 2006...Sarvagnya na Soocharanoma



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