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Dada Bhagwan Vignan Institute

Is a non profit organization registered in The USA.

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Its charter is to facilitate the access, understanding and make available to spiritual seekers the new scientific method of Self Realisation called Akram Vignan.

Akram Vignan unfolded within Gnani Purush Dadashri. Initially confined within the boundaries of western India and few major cities in the UK, USA and Canada, the Science and Gnan of Dadashri has now gained world wide recognition through the translation of original satsang with him into English and Spanish and  world wide web communications and extensive presentation of the Science on television daily by Dr. Niruben Amin



The Ninth Kalam Of Dadashri


Where Gnan Vidhi happens, the Gnan takes hold within.

Where the Inner Light shines, darkness of ignorance and suffering vanishes.



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