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Jai Sat Chit Anand

    Gnani Purush Dadashri  in satsang with mahatmas... opens up new and unprecedented insight into
the nature of sexual attraction, how it impedes the bliss of the Self and how to be free from it.


"Intellect is abslolutely unnecessary in shuddha...pure vyavahaar...worldly interaction."
  > Dadashri Aptasutra 3698.


"For us Atma remains in 'Atmaparinaam' and the mun remains in 'munparinaam'. Getting involved in the mun results in 'visheshparinaam'. For us means for The Gnani The Self remains in results of the Self and the mind remains in the confines and results of the mind. Getting involved in the mind is called extra results. Atma in 'swa-parinaam' is paramatma. The Self confined to The Self is The Supreme Lord. When both remain within their own results and confines, and are absorbed within their own roles only, then it is called moksha."
  > Dadashri Aptasutra 4139.


"'Gnani' means absorption in the 'swaroop' and 'swabhaav'. Swaroop means establishment of the decision
of 'who am i'. Swabhaav means the nature of the Self, which is knower-seer. To be absorbed in these two is called
the Gnani. The Gnani remains absorbed in The Self constantly, and never strays in the world , even for a second."
  > Dadashri Aptasutra 4187.


Words that are unfamiliar will be explained in italics


The Scientific Awareness against

Samaj thhi Praapt
Volume One
Page 274.

One's Virodh...
Opposition ...
Is Needed against

Our opposition to
it,  is itself the
tendency not
to get involved in


Q: Dada, please explain this verse exactly, because you have said that everyone takes it in their own level of understanding:

" With reference to sexual interaction between a man and a woman
  The body will roam according to contract,
  Therefore, Beware Intellect, Beware Mind."

So what is, and what is not (the truth) here? 

D: Wherever attraction arises, there becoming tanmayakaar...becoming one with the body, becoming involved, loosing awareness of the Self...he becomes stuck. When attraction happens, but he does not become tanmayakaar, then he is not stuck there. Thereafter, attraction  is of no danger or consequence or objection.

Q: How will one understand that he has become involved or become tanmayakaar?

D: 'Our'...the awakened one along with the worldly self... virodh...antagonistic and opposed, uncooperative... is in it. Our opposition itself is the vrutti...tendency...of not wanting to become involved. 'We'...the awakened one along with the worldly self, the not want to get stuck in the company of sexuality or anything sexual. Therefore our virodh...opposition...exists, does it not? That opposition itself means it is separate. If by mistake an error is made and one looses this balance then pratikraman has to be done.

Q: One is determined not to slip for sure, yet when the circumstances arise, it happens and one becomes involved in it. What is that?

D: When opposition exists, tanmayakar...involvement will not occur, and when one becomes the body and becomes involved as the worldly self then he has lost the stability of balance and gonthoo khayeen gayaan...taken a spin. Pratikraman...the methodical way of reversal of aggression... exists for the one who has taken a tumble and a spin.
But one should not form a habit of this. One should not get habituated in taking these tumbles. Does a man slip and fall deliberately, with awareness?  If there is very slippery wet mud on the ground here, why do people slip deliberately? Why?

Q: That is the nature of  wet mud and he walked over it, and hence the result.

D: He knows the nature of mud. And therefore he is careful while walking over it by digging in his toes carefully, and other efforts not to lose balance. After taking all precautions and making all the efforts if he slips and falls, then The Lord does not hold him responsible. But if he gets habituated to slipping then what happens?

Q: Habit must not be formed.

D: The act of slipping was not under our control. That is why the best preference is our virodh...internal opposition. Jabbarjust ...very heavy...extreme...virodh. Thereafter 'we'...the awakened one and the worldly self... are not responsible for whatever happens. If you are absolutely opposed to the act of theft and then you end up stealing something, then you are not guilty. This is because you are a total opposition.

Q: We are virodhi...totally opposed...and yet what is this that makes us slip...into sexuality ?

D: The slipping after being totally opposed is not objectionable in the eyes of The Lord. The Lord does not take note of this type of slippage, because he gets the fruit of slipping right then and there in the form of pain..and internal anguish at something occurring beyond his control and aim. Otherwise if he slipping out of a desire for  pleasure then he will experience pleasure.

Q: In this matter of sex, how reliable is one's own wisdom of what is is right and what is wrong?

D: If Gnan has been gained...Dadashri's direct achievement of The Self through the Gnan Vidhi...then all wisdom will help.

Q: Despite the gaining of the Gnan...the prakruti...the complex of thoughts, speech and acts known to the world as a worldly being.., after Gnan the prakruti is separate from The Self....will have its own role in matters of sexuality to a certain degree , will it not?

D: No. The prakruti becomes pure through Gnan. When one does not cooperate with sexuality then the prakruti becomes pure.

Q: Even when one does not cooperate and is opposed to ideas of sexuality, there is the force of attraction noted.

D: That may happen. Know this attraction and know the one who is being attracted. You have never made a strong nischaya...decisive determination.

Q: Of the kind which will remain free from any slippage whatsoever, permanently ?

D: We should have the nischaya, the decisive unflinching determination that thus is our   nischaya.Then nature will do its thing, which is beyond our control. That is scientific circumstantial evidence. No one can control it.

Q: That is the equivalent of saying that such circumstances will never happen for me. How is that possible?

D: That is not possible, it will not happen. This is a world, and worldly life is all around you. When is it possible? When you proceed carefully ahead in this path then your circumstances will be helpful and circumstances that make you slip will decrease, and then naturally your goal  and role of freedom from sexuality will come automatically. The stage and role of the Gnani is like from all that impedes the Bliss of the Self and safe from all obstacles that make one slip. The circumstances of The Gnani are all right and appropriate.

Q: The Vyavasthit...scientific circumstantial evidences...of the Gnani has been shaped thus then...?

D: Yes, shaped in that manner. But it does not happen overnight. For you after going a long way, many miles thus, the road will come. Attraction does not happen everywhere. Then, in how many places...event of meeting the object of attraction in sexuality... does attraction occur? Out of a hundred places do you get attracted in eighty ?

"The one who has conquered sexual passion has conquered the whole world"
> Srimad Rajchandra
What was missed 
to be corrected...
in past life, is
here to be faced 
again as 
attraction in sex.

The Gnani with his
Enlightned World View
is warning all who
fall prey to sexuality
especially as it
relates to the issues
of attraction...
its cause and effect
life after life.


Q: What is this, Dada that this look in a certain way that stirs up passion inside? If the certain look does not occur, nothing happens. Yet, if a certain look has happened...a sexual way of looking...then all kind of restlessness commences within.

D: 'Drashti' a thing that is separate from us...the awakened one and the one in the phenomenal world. Thereafter so what, if the drashti falls...the sexual look happens...the vision that incites passion, happens? But if we are desiring to get stuck in it what will the poor drashti do?! When we go to do puja of this holi...the festival day when folks play with each other by throwing colors on them, dancing and roasting coconuts in bonfire...holi representing the live bonfire..., do our eyes get burnt by observing the fire? Our eyes do not get burnt by observing the roaring fire of the holi, because we are simply watching the fire. In the same vein there is no place in this world which will create an attraction for you. The attraction effect will only happen if there is an inner bent within you...a sexual tendency.

Q: There are two types of drashti...the process of looking. There is the drashti wherin  we see that beneath the skin it is all muscles, bones, blood, etc, where is anything to get attracted here? And the other drashti is the that which 'sees' the Shuddhatma...the pure Self in the person and that is the same as The Self in me. Which of the two drashtis is higher?

D: Both the drashtis have to be employed. That the other person...who is attracting Shuddhatma is there with all of us. And that other drashti needs to be employed when the atraction arises and needs to remain otherwise moha...illusion will take hold.

Q: Yes, quite so. I am pure Self and she/he is also pure Self...shuddhatma. If this prevails then the other matter of attraction dissipates.

D: It will dissipate, but this level of awareness does prevail in matters of sexuality. When attraction arises, Shuddhatma is forgotten. When the Self is forgotten then only attraction will happen otherwise it will not happen.That is why we have given you the knowledge that will make you see the Self. Thereafter, why does moha...that which makes you see the relative as real, the temporary as permanent, the painful as that which grants pleasure, that which impedes the bliss of the Self...arise?

We have no desire to become attracted, and yet our eyes get pulled. Even if we push away our eyes in a different direction, they take a sneak peek in the direction that attracts!

Q: Why does that happen Dada? Is it because of old parmanoos...the subatomic karmik paricles which bind in last life and yield fruits in this life ?

D: No. This is because in the past life we have failed. In the past life we have become tanmayakaar...involved in sexuality, and this is now its result. So from here on, in this life  do not get involved in attraction again, and correct your previous error through pratikraman. If you fail in this by becoming involved in an attraction, then you will have to suffer the same consequnces again in the next life. Our Science is such that you will not get involved again. Keep seeing the Pure Self in the other person again and again, and if you see anything else, and get attracted then do pratikramans. Otherwise it is a danger signal for sure, and beware. Settle the file with equanimity. Wake up and beware because in this matter of sex the opponent is capable of launching a major complaint against you...lay a claim on you life after life...We are warning you.


The Vision of The Self
and on The Self,
effects The Self only.

D: If you see the shuddha...the pure in the buffalo, the donkey, and all then you will gain the effects of this purity. If you see a buffalo it will do and if you see the shuddhatma...the pureSelf in the buffalo, it will go away....pass away from your presence. Now if there is a man here in front of you and if you see the pure Self in him, he will leave too...and if you call him, 'mean and no good,' then also he will go away. Whatever be your vision, what difference does it make to the other? 

Q: Do not our Atmabhaav...feelings of the self have an effect of the opponent's internal self feelings? 

D: It does not have any effect at all. There is no connection between the Self... and the opponent. The only effect is the effect of the pratikraman... internal process of recall, apology and determination not to repeat the error. Pratikraman needs to be understood. The pratikraman reaches the other because the nature of The Self is vitarag...beyond any attachment and abhorrence. This has been laid forth after experiencing it all myself. You must have had somewhat similar experiences, no? 

We...the awakened One within who has received this Gnan and the Supreme Lord within...are Shuddhatma and he or she ...the other is also Shuddhatma. What concern do we have with the cloths...the non Self...the bodies? The cloth may be silky or rough. All these bodies are mere cloths. 


Jai Sat Chit Anand
The Awareness of the 
Eternal is Bliss
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 Desire, the fire that never quits except when you meet a Gnani

 Vitarag Vignan, The Science of the Free

 Who am I ? The book that has transformed thousands of lives.


Samaj Thhi Praapt

Freedom from 
Sexual Impulses
Through Understanding

Samaj Thhi Praapt Brahmacharya  a total of 800 pages of extraordinary satsang with The Gnani on Brahmacharya... now available to the world in Gujarati in two volumes. The above satsang is the first of its kind in any other language. 

These volumes have been edited by Dr. Niruben Amin. 
It is published by Shri Ajit C. Patel on behalf of 
Dada Bhagwan Foundation. 
The first 5000 copies were published in 1996.

Please note that the translation is better understood by those who have received the 
Gnan of the Gnani Purush Pujya Dadashri. Exact translation is a monumental task as it entails more than just a translation. The message of the Gnani is for those who have a fervent desire for liberation and for those who have arrived at the door step of spiritual science. 

So far a total of  twelve Aptavanis have been offered to the world. Two more are in the works and this will fulfill the declaration of The Gnani and the promise given to him by Dr. Niruben Amin.


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"This vast beautiful tent exists because of the support of so many poles. Can a single pole lay a claim that I am the reason for this tent?"
> Pujya Niruben Amin addressing opening ceremony at Adalaj Center  Ahmedabad
Jai Sat Chit Anand

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