Dadavani  April 2006





            In the current issue of Dadavani, beautiful material has been compiled in which  Gnani Purush Dadashri molds and prepares Pujya Niruma in graded steps towards the offering to the world another Gnani. This is like a sculptor who first cuts a gross mass of a marble block and then chips away at it very patiently to reveal a final form of a Lord in the final finishing touches of a precise and exquisitely detailed eyes, nose, lips and other parts of the face and body, and finally prepares it for instillation of life—pran pratishtha—for mass worship—darshan. Most revered Gnani Purush Dadashri had the time to create such a marvel in the living human image of Pujya Niruma. He molded her in various ways through chiseling jabs of all types necessary, which Pujya Niruma received, accepted and yielded to with grace and total surrender and ultimate humility and abhedata—oneness—with the Gnani. Her devotion towards Dadashri remained matchless and unaffected by all the varieties of chiseling and molding that Dadashri employed on her and then He laid her at the feet of the world for the magnanimous task of salvation of the world as a finished product.


            In the beginning of this mold and preparation, Dadashri makes Pujya Niruma adhere to the goal of jagat kalyan—salvation—of the world. He then makes her free from all traces—parmanoos, elements of sexuality and thereafter he cuts her inner subtle tendencies of  maan—pride and ego.  Then he brings about an end to all elements of kapat—deceit and moha—illusion within her. Dadashri uses the term ‘heat treatment’ for his methods employed on her to get rid of all passions and negativities in her. Moreover, the amazing uniqueness of this interaction is that Pujya Niruma remained in total surrender and sincere to the Gnani Purush Dadashri throughout and at no time did she shirk away from this ‘treatment’. Therefore, Dadashri got the full scope and was able to accomplish the molding to the completion of a product that is defined as a Gnani.  In this she received tremendous rajipo—sense of a task accomplished with ultimate satisfaction—of the Gnani, and became a vessel of infinite grace of the Gnani, received the karuna—compassion of the Gnani and became abheda—one with—the Gnani. She stayed with the Gnani as two souls and one body, from the very first day until the end of the twenty years in uninterrupted seva—service.


            This issue of Dadavani is a compilation of the Gnanvani—the speech of the Gnani  Purush only. The material of letters, writings and experiences of Pujya Niruma by itself is so vast that would take the form of a thousand books. However, Pujya Niruma always strictly prohibited any printing of her own material in the form of books and therefore we have not used any of that material here.


             Her annual Gurupurnima message to mahatmas were eagerly looked forward to, carefully received, studied and meditated upon. Once Deepak approached Pujya Niruma about printing these messages in Dadavani, whereupon she thoroughly took him to task for the suggestion and forthrightly told him, why do you want to do it? There is no need for it. Only Dada’s vani—speech must be printed, and if the mahatmas want to remember it let them, if not let them forget it, it will cause no harm. There is no need to print any speech of mine. Consider Dadashri as the prime focus and beyond Him, give the prime importance to Lord Simandhar. I am simply the dust at their feet. There is simply no need to print any of my speech. This was her param vinay—absolute humility—for Dadashri.


            In the current issue some of the speech that came forth from Dadashri about Niruma has been compiled.



--Deepak Desai






Niruma becomes a Gnani Liberator by the Grace of Dadashri


The Firm Goal of Salvation of the World


            Dadashri: Tell me, why did you do all these studies.


            Niruben:  To tell the truth Dada, from the very childhood while doing studies I had the thoughts that all the studying must be to serve, not for any personal livelihood . Later, after meeting Dada everything has changed.


            Dadashri:  Did you learn how to serve, in all these studies?


            Niruben:  Yes.


            Dadashri:  Did you later have any desire to earn money?


            Niruben: No, the desire to earn money has never arisen.


            Dadashri:  What work is to be done? What is your goal? Is the goal to live with Dada or is there any other goal?


            Niruben:  To live with Dada and do the work of salvation of the world.


            Dadashri:  Is that so?  For the salvation of the world! Who can impede the one who has made the unflinching commitment to the goal of salvation of the world? There is no shakti—power in the world which can obstruct and the celestial Gods of the entire universe are showering flowers on you. There is not a single Dev—celestial God who does not have a familiar connection with Dada. Therefore, make a commitment that I want to do this work only. The needs of this body will be fulfilled with royal splendor. You do not have to be concerned with any need of this body anymore. Those needs will be automatically fulfilled. The moment you make this decision, from that moment onwards you will not have to be concerned with those needs at all. As long as you exist in sansaarbhaav—I am Niru, this world is mine—then there will be worries for the needs of this body. And here—with Dada, the Self expressed—what to talk of needs? There is jahojalali—the ease of royal splendor! Have you not seen Dada’s splendor? Dada does not want anything yet luxury abounds, no?


            Niruben:  In your company in the middle of a jungle, when awakened at midnight, Dada’s royal splendor is such that all arrangements have been made, automatically from unknown sources. It is a wonder that all needs are met with ease and it happens from unknown sources. All needs of Dada, like meals and resting are taken care of.


            Dadashri:  Is there even a cent percent desire for anything else within?


            Niruben:  There is none, Dada.


            Dadashri:  Not a single kind of desire?


            Niruben:  I keep seeing if any other desire arises, but none comes.


            Dadashri:  She says, that all has been investigated regarding desires. Go ahead and check closely within to see if any kind of desire exists, and if so we can take care of it promptly. Finally, when only one kind of desire remains, then the Devaloks—celestial Gods remain with you (at your service).  This is because there are limitations to what a human being alone can accomplish.


            A human being needs tremendous help from the massive energy of Devsatta—energy of the Gods. This is because there is no parallel  to the energy and power of the Gods. These celesyila Gods have the power to obstruct the work of human beings too. Just as here in this world the police marshals have so much authority, the celestial Gods too have such massive authority. These powerful forces will not impede you. The worldly beings are under their power too.


            So would not a hundred or so arise from our mahatmas (those who have received the Gnan of Dadashri and are abiding by his Agnas)? A hundred are not needed, only five are needed. Five with one exclusive goal, nothing else, no wavering are needed.  A goal without any mixture of desires, exclusive. Existing in sleep and awakened state, at all times only one goal. The same one goal in times of difficulty and when there is no difficulty. (1974)


            What kind of work are you involved in?


            Niruben:  In supporting the goal of salvation of the world.


            Dadashri:  How many minutes?


            Niruben:  Constantly.


            Dadashri:  What does one need when one is constantly in this? Heinh?—Dadashri’s  vocalization of emphasis.  Constantly in salvation of the world, even the dreams that come are of salvation of the world, and what else is there to be done beyond the work of salvation?  There is deliverance to be done of the pudgal—the formed complex of the thoughts speech and action, the worldly bodies. Their religious salvation has to be done. The physical needs of the world have all been taken care of—pudgalic kalyan.


Oneness experienced in the company of Dada


            Niru, in the last four to six days you have become Mahavir—the enlightened Lord. You have placed your worldly self in Dada and you have placed Dada in your worldly self. In the absence of such bodily differentiation, then you indeed are Mahavir. (November 7, 1969)


            Niru used to nurture the bhav—deep inner intent—that let me remain in the body of Dada and let Dada remain in my body. I read those bhavs. So then I said, I would fulfill all the bhavs in her mind. She has come forth in this life carrying forward with her my great past life connections. (July 9, 1968)


            (In 1987, Dadashri had a satsang with a lady named Jackie in Los Angeles, USA. Jackie asked, ‘Dada, what is your relationship with this Niruben here? Dadashri replied, ‘ Niruben is an MD doctor and is in my constant service, and lives with the abhedata—oneness with me—as two souls and one body in worldly interactions.’)



Took on the total responsibility of the relative and the real till the end


            Niru, no one has the power to take you away from me. Even so, I am with you, constantly, and will not let even a mosquito—stray human being—bother you. Moreover, when you become very exasperated, and write a letter to me, Dada will promptly come and stand by your side. (November 22, 1968)


            I have to place upayog—focused awareness of the enlightened one—for Niruben. After placing such inner attention—upayog—I saw Niruben’s vyavasthit—order of the life of Niruben. I saw this by placing the upayog during my stay in Aurangabad. I never place upayog to see my own vyavasthit, but I did see Niruben’s vyavsathit in this manner. On the first day when Niruben came, I told about what will happen, but at that time I had not placed the upayog. I have never attempted to see my own vyavasthit. (December 1, 1968)


            Sant Purush Balubhai (Niruben’s father) left his mortal body at 1:39 AM in the night. Dada tells Niruben, ‘ Tell all the boys (Niruben’s brothers) that your father is sitting here. He (Balubhai) has simply changed the coat ( body). Niru, Balubhai has left in ease, but your father is sitting right here in Mama ni poda—residence of Dadashri in Vadodara. Balubhai has proceeded on to a birth in the celestial realm—devagati. (December 1, 1968)


            Why did the punyai—merit karma—of Niru awaken—unfold? I uttered these words sahajasahaj—with natural spontaneousness—that, ‘ ben—sister, your baap—father may have left, but this here, I, your father is sitting right here. Even for your brothers from this day onwards, I am their father. Before giving Gnan to Niru, I had said that , this here (Niru) is a very close file—result of a previous life interaction—of mine. (December 3 1968)


            Niru has become a doctor, but has she kept anything of her won with her? And she has constantly absorbed everything of mine—Dada’s. If Niru were to stay six months with me, she has the potential to become a great mahatma. (August 1, 1968)


            This 28-year-old Niru was born in a Vaishnav family. She had never done the darshan of a vitarag murti—traditional Jain image of the unattached One. How beautifully she is holding on to this Gnan—of the Vitarags. This is vignan—spiritual science. This is because she has understood the science thoroughly and remains in the Agnas. (July 5, 1973)


            I have had the avagaadha—constant experience of the Self and Niru has had the gaadha—unwavering experience of the Self. (October 8, 1969)


            ‘Niruno janmadin chhe aaj, prarthu atmanubhav kaaj;

            Spashta vedan jhankhu dinraat, ej ekmev mooja araadha!’



            ‘’tis Niru’s birthday today, am praying for the experience of the Self;

Yearning for the clear experience of the Self, night and day, is the only devotion filled endeavor of mine’






            In this life, in this body she recognized Niru as a friend. Up until now all previous lives went in scrap. They went in the kind that can be sold as scrap. The real body is this one life’s of Niru’s, which made her immortal in this life. This body, which made her do the darshan—grant the vision—of the Lord. (November 17, 1968)


            Today paramnoos—subatomic karmic particles—of infinite life times have been removed. Niru used to wonder daily when she would be able to rest after touching the vitarag—the fully enlightened one. Today I have facilitated the fulfillment of that bhav of hers. She is now sewing the seeds for her next life with me. Human beings have the power to do bhaav—create deep inner intent. This is due to the presence of mun—mind. Rain falling or not falling, famine happening or not happening is the result of the cause of human bhaav. (July 9, 1968)


            Moksha—liberation readily exists at the feet of the Gnanis.


            In this world, who would not have the desire to do such darshan? Niru, come sit up here with us—the Gnani Purush Dadashri and the fully manifest Lord within. If someone were to take a photograph the world would know that the kshinmoha Jineshwar—the passionless detached enlighted One was with the ganadhars—the protector and director of the newly established religion—for the world masses. ( June 29, 1970)


            Yours, Niru is an independent state, no? Is there anyone to scold you ? Except for this Dada Bhagwan there is no superior over you. And when Dada Bhagwan scold , its is for the ultimate good. None of your brothers would scold or take you to task, This total independence is a result of great punyai—merit karma. Only a rare person would have this. Do the darshan of the Gnani Purush, serve Him and attain the Gnan.


            You indeed have keval darshan—absolute vision. You are hearing keval Gnan—absolute knowledge.


            In all the crowds Niru is the carrier of great merit karmas—mahan punyaishali. Independent as the Self and independent in relative interactions, she has become clean—free from all passions. She is a book without any accounts. (January 11, 1970)


            This Niru is free from worldly interactions—vyavahaar mukta. And she is free from within. External freedom exists only for the Lord, but it is the result of great meritorious karma that she has attained total moksha, vitarag! (January 30, 1970)


            Sooner or later one would have to come to the ultimate solution—ukel, no? Niruben is now sitting after having attained the ultimate solution and she is filled with the desire to let the world attain that too.


            Niru, you have really become free. Just as I am free, you too have become totally free. This is alaukik—beyond the world—freedom. In the alaukik, there is no comparable punyai—merit karma. Even if you say five to seven times a day, ‘really freed, really freed,’ then that by itself is very effective! (December 12, 1972)


            This Niru has become the emperor of the whole world! The palace of illusion—moha—has been shattered and she has become the emperor of the world. (January 25, 1973)


Molding for Salvation of the World


            In this entire world there is none as fortunate as this Niru. I have seen her good fortune; it is tremendous. I still have to get rid of her disease—inner residual passions. She had not filled the stock (in the past life) with my permission, had she? (November 12, 1969)


            We have to mold this Niru to such an extent that many a men will be dazzled by her presence. We will give her the proper heat treatment. (October 17, 1970)


            The good qualities of Niru were being devoured by her bad qualities. I have destroyed those bad qualities. (October 17, 1970)


            Niru’s sharanagati—surrender is of a very high order. Her vruttis—inner tendencies are very good. She adjusts to any takor—constructive criticism with ease. (January 7, 1970)


            For Niru here, whatever unfolds in an orderly manner is acceptable, and if it does not, that too is Vyavasthit—scientific circumstantial evidence. So what in the world will obstruct her? She has no opinions at all. (January 14, 1977)


            This is the grace of Dada Bhagwan. She has been liberated without any labor. Otherwise how can such a young girl-Niru be with Gnan—enlightened? She is a doctor. At the most she might know how to cook simple khicchadi—lentil and rice mixture. Or else she might know how to prescribe some medicine here and there, what else would she know? And his here is the infinite grace of Dada Bhagwan. (December 15, 1970)


            Where did that young doctor girl go? She is a doctor, born in a Vaishnav—worshippers of Sri Krsna—family She retrned from Kankroli and today she is an Atmagnani—holds the knowledge of the Self. (March 20, 1970)


            Amongst the ladies, this Niru has the potential to become a Prime Minister.


            I said that she (Niruben) has the potential to be a Governor of Mumbai. The Gnani of Dada has the potential to be a Governor general. Those other governors tend to fight. She would not behave that way. The wife of the governor says, that he is crack—crazy. That is how it is in the world. (March 15, 1970)


            This Niru may be young, but who ever does her darshan, will be liberated. (November 29. 1972)


The sequential order of Gnan and Brahmacharya


            (To Niruben) Only the Jains can understand the importance of your brahmacharya—life long vow of celibacy. From what the Jains tell me about you, I deduce that they understand. These Patidars—Patel community of ours have no development in this regard. The brahmacharya—state of celibacy that you have attained can be called very great. That very will lead to purnahuti—completion of the goal of liberation. The pad--state that you have attained is just like mine. The circumstances are very good. Who knows what level of past life merit karma is the reason for this!


            Niruben, you have received tremendous protection from this Dada. One decade is over and when another decade passes, then tremendous lokpujya pad—state of public reverence and respect will arise.


            One life’s brahmacharya destroys many a life times to come. This is in combination with Gnan—Self-realization—and therefore is extraordinary. One can live a totally celibate state, despite interacting with the world due to the protection of this Gnan. Otherwise it is not possible. And the world is such that it will not let one remain celibate. Celibacy is possible only in sadhuvesh—life of one who has renounced. But, here it is possible to remain celibate because of the power of the Gnan.


            Just lying around for just sex is to lose one’s freedom and independence. The web of kids and offsprings spoil infinite life times. What can one say of the one who has escaped from this web naturally!


            I have observed that the Brahmins of Dakor and other Brahmins look at you with respect. Their samaj—inner understanding is that much elevated. Otherwise this thing is hard to comprehend.


            It has been only four years since Niruben has attained this Gnan, and yet she has the ability to make four hundred Jain sadhu maharaj—spiritual teachers— and other elders understand all aspects of this science, because here a cleaner of passions and sculptor (Dada) resides. When one encounters a vadanaar—cleaner and  sculptor then all energies become manifest. ( April 11, 1973)


            Niruben is a very great instrument of salavation of the world. I will never let her separate and stray away from me. I will leave all others but not her. (1975)


            I meddle more persistently in the one in whom the potential for salvation of the world is evident. I am persistently tinkering with Niruben because she will some day in my absence change someone’s dhruvakanto—direction in which someone is going form worldly entanglements towards one of liberation. ( October 9, 1972)


            We—the Gnani Purush and the fully enlightened Lord within—are giving the energy to the manifest Lord within Niruben—enlightened Niruben—to liberate 2,500,000 human beings. (August 16, 1969)


            Niru, your doing bhavna—holding deep inner intent to have the power to liberate the masses of humanity suffering from all sides in the fire of misery in the world, binds a tirthankara gotra—creates a future life of a tirthanakara—the One who liberates millions. Do you want to bind such a gotra—clan? ( August 16, 1969)


            This Niruben is such that she can become a tirthankara. (October 13, 1968)



Together life after life



            Questioner: How many more lives will Niruben have?


            Dadashri:  One more lifetime.


            For many a life times, you have been with me in the same manner. There is going to be one more lifetime for the both of us, and in that life to come, you will be with me too, but then you will not have a female form. You will be a male. Then the two of us will attain moksha—final liberation. (September 1, 1987)



The one who follows ones defined goal


            This Niruben does not have anything as dislikes. She likes everything. She has spent so many years in my constant company and has never had any issues of likes and dislikes. This is because she walks the path of her goal. She does not listen to her mind. I had made a deal with her. I had told her, ‘ You will have to follow brahmacharya, and that will be possible only if you follow my instructions.’


            Questioner:  So how is that?


            Dadashri:  One has to be strong about one’s goal and stick to it. What else is to be done? It remains so for her.


Started cutting the roots of moha—illusion


            Questioner:  It has come up in the satsang of Dadashri that a female does not attain moksha with ease.


            Dadashri: Now who has written that?


            Questioner: It may have come up in satsang.


            Dadashri:  Yes, it means that it takes one more life time.


            Questioner: Does it mean that one has to take many more births?


            Dadashri: Yes, but for whom?  Only in the traditional kramik path, not in this Akram Vignan. This Akram Vignan of ours makes the male and the female the equal. It is so in that kramik path wherein, it takes time to be rid of moha—illusion. The one who has taken Gnan is not delayed. There is no delay for the one who is Self-realized—with Gnan. We should not worry about these matters.


            We should understand simply that there are countless types of women, but are you attracted by Dada or by gold jewelery? Are you involved with Dada or with clothes? The one whose knot of illusion—moha is cut has become a purush—male connotation to the Self. Niruben used to move about wearing certain type of clothes. I told her, ‘why do you have to wear clothes which tend to attract others?’ So then she gave away all her colorful clothes to people. So now I know that this one illusion has been shattered. She is a female body but her moha has decreased. So we know that the main root—the illusion that ‘I am Niru’ is dying.


            This world exists because of the moha—the illusion. Otherwise even a female has become a tirthankara. There may be a few women who enter deeper into this talk of ours. The rest are neither here nor there. This much needs to be said. If this much is not said, how will they remain jagrut—aware as the Self?


            She has spent her life in this. She does not like the results of attachment—mohaniya parinaam—‘this is mine.’ This Niruben is very jagrut—awakened as the Self. It is therefore easy to see that she is well on her way to moksha.


            I told her that if she is interested in following brahmmacharya then such saris will not do. So she gave them away. Now she wears white sari. Does she not look like a saint?


            Niruben also is hadukarmi—one who has numbered, few karma remaining to come to fruition before final liberation—because there is no messing around with issues of sexuality. The problem arises when there is a husband. So she is going to extract her ultimate work—of liberation from this life. Currently even two years in serving me will make her a tirthankara. Can become a tirthankara—liberator of millions—today.


            Questioner:  She will become one after two more lives.


            Dadashri: No, that is fine. It is not a question of becoming or not becoming one. In reality, in this very life she is going to realize the fruits. She is going to become a great helper of masses of people! She is going to be a great helper of the feminine gender of this world. Currently, she is able to explain everything to people, do much, and thus gain the appreciation and reverence of the people.


Brahmacharya flourished under the shelter of the Gnani


            Charitra—total celibacy through thoughts, speech and acts—has been beautifully maintained by her. This beautiful brahmacharya conduct that she has followed through in my presence is a wonder, no? It is not easy to maintain this state. In my presence, I have seen that she has maintained it, very beautifully.


            In the four years that she has been immersed in my seva—total service—I have seen that her charitra—conduct in brahmacharya—is of a very high order. She has exactly followed the vrat—vow that I had initiated her in, four years ago. There has never been an error through the medium of thoughts even, no? Not even a thought?


            Niruben: No.


            Dadashri:  And if there has been a thought, then you do pratikraman—Dadashri’s divine method of reversal from aggression through internal recall, apology and resolution never to repeat the error—for it?


            Niruben: Hmm..yes.


            Dadashri: That is needed, for the one who has taken the vrat—vow in my presence. And she had a great need for this charitra.


            Questioner: In this matter Dada would take on the responsibility of no one except Niruben.


            Dadashri: No, I would not bother with anyone else. On her rests all the load of the satsang. The guaranty—of brahmacharya charitra—is for her only!


            Questioner: This is because she has to stay in your company constantly.


            Dadashri: We are not to see (the faults) of others. This of Niruben, has become one of the greatest supports. This is because all are saying that Dada is walking through the eyes of Niruben, is making Niruben do all the worldy interaction work. Therefore, the people have developed all bhaav—faith—in Niruben. There may be others, who seek the subtle reason, behind all this.


            Questioner: Yes, yes Dada. The higher one rises in the public eye, the more they are subject to scrutiny for any inner hollowness and lack of fidelity.


            Dadashri:  Therefore to prevent people from committing errors I had told them that do not even harbor such thoughts in the mind even. Do not even entertain such negative thoughts, because I am giving a personal guaranty. If you harbor such a thought then the fault will take hold within you. There are countless people in our satsang with   countless vikalps—negative connotations—and all kinds of thinking.


            Questioner:  You have given Gnan to the one who has been just walking on the road (the casual worldly person with hardly any spiritual insight), and the stock—from previous life—is such of these folks.


            Dadashri:  For her goal she has wagered her entire life in this. She tells that her life is not meant for any more mistakes. She has staked her entire life in this cause. If this were not for real, then the entire spirituality in our satsang would be worthless. It would collapse the foundation of our satsang. This is not a matter for anyone else. The world does not observe any other ladies. No one would scrutinize any other woman as to how she is and what she does. Ours here (in Akram) is a matter of nikal—to settle with equanimity. Containment over anger, pride, deceit and greed is the real sanyam—restrain, control. This brahmacharya—celibacy in thoughts, speech and acts is not counted under the control category. It is a circumstantial evidence. It is of course a great thing if it can be followed.


The non-contradicted speech of the Gnani


            Questioner: When we went there, many had gathered there and there Niruben gave satsang—spiritually uplifting experiential interaction in question and answer sessions.


            Dadashri: Is that so?


            Questioner: About eight to ten persons had gathered there.


            Dadashri: When Niruben comes, even if there are two hundred people gathered, great work will be accomplished.


            When Niruben gives the upadesh—the spiritual message from a master—she lets it flow from from the vantage of the Self—Shuddhatma thayeeney—and that talk lets bliss flow. And that talk is of a different order. It is not from material read from scriptures. If it is from a scripture, we can say, if you do not tell me, its fine, I will read it up. Is there not a difference between a book and Gnan? A book is a book. All the scriptures of the world are after all nothing but a book only. When a Gnani comes, his speech is verily a (living) scripture. (June 11, 1974)


            (An foreign lady by the name of Priscilla was visiting Dadashri. Dadashri pointed to Niruben and told her…) She is really Chandanbala (please review the life of Lord Mahavira) at this time in this world. Only she will remain for years with me.Only one Chandanbala, no other Chandanbala in this world at the age of twenty-eight. Do you believe in it? Come and do the darshan every year.


            Questioner: Yes. (She bows to Niruben).


            Dadashri: She has conquered these four anger-pride-deceit and greed egoisms. Would you believe it, all four gone!


            Questioner: These Gnanis (mahatmas of Dadashri) constantly worship the ‘Gnani Purush’ daily.  One would attain kalyan—ultimate liberation—if one even took up the dust of their feet to the head—a gesture of reverence. This Niruben has beome an M.B.,B.S.—qualifying degree of a medical doctor. She met me at the age of twenty-four. In the four years that have passed she has understood the entire science. She can easily make a couple of hundred educated mahatmas like you understand this science, and that too without any contradictions. The speech may well be of a lower order but even an hours worth of speech that does not evoke any contradictions has such high value! And that too, in her language, not in mine. In the worldly topics there may be controversies but only in that respect. Only. Whereas; this here is an absolute science. Is it not a wonder that speech about the science of absolutism can flow without any contradictions or divisiveness for a whole hour?


            One would need such persons for salvation of the world, no? All these are nimits—instruments. There is no doer in it. All this happens through scientific circumstantial evidences. (December 2, 1974)


The fruit of the grace of the Gnani


            How can those girls come here to ask for the answers to their questions? So I sent Niruben there, yesterday, for an hour and a half. They had a very satisfactory resolution to their questions with good understanding through her. Niruben can make others understand and grasp this.  Even as a daughter of a Patel and as a young woman she has the ability to transmit the spiritual message. This is because she has worshipped the feet of the Gnani Purush for seven years (exemplary absolute humility). She has harbored the bhaav—deepest inner intent—of uninterrupted service to the Gnani. A fruit of this has to arise, no? Constant inner bliss—moksha prevails, what else is needed. There is no other issue left to meddle with.


            How many pratyakhyans—resoultions never to repeat a mistake, alochana—recall of a mistake that happened, and pratikramans—internal apologies, do you think Niruben must be doing? It is with that ongoing that she is able to stay (around Dadashri). Now to two hundred Jains she can deliver an upadesh (message as a spiritual master). As a Vaishanav—born as a Krsna follower how is she able to deliver to Jains—Mahavira follower? That is called the grace of the Gnani.


Giving the understanding of the worldly interactions through Gnan


            Niruben’s prakruti—natural constitution and temperament—is ushnavat—energizing with radiance and inner heat. She has a very deep understanding. This deep understanding leads to the expression of a new sentence.


            In vyavahaar—worldly interaction Niruben, if you have been entrusted to have a chef cook up a meal, which meal will be better? The one in which you sit for three hours in front of him or the one where you have taken fifteen minutes with him instructing him all that needs to be done and rechecking three hours later?


            Niruben: The one in which I have left after showing in fifteen minutes?


            Dadashri: That is proper. One should know how to get the work done. And for work only the presence is needed. On the other hand if the akkarmi—the one who does not really do any karma, here a term used by Dadashri to awaken the listener—sits glaring at the chef for all the three hours then all the meals will be spoiled by the cook. That is because the other moovo—another term for the one who is dying, frequently used by Dadashri to awaken the listener—will not refrain from barking—using words which hurt. He would bark and the cook gets flustered. The true thing is never to sit on anyone’s head. But alas the moovo akkarmi only understands that it is because of the barking that the work is getting done.


            Everything gets done through the presence only. The worldly workers are always waiting in line for the supervisor to come and wondering how well they can gain his appreciation by showing off their work after seeing him. (June 9, 1970)


            I have given an agna—instruction to this Niru that whatever is tasty to you, eat less of it and freely eat whatever you find to be without taste. I would never give such an agna to anyone. Such an agna is given to the one for whom a lot of love arises. She remembers Dada’s agna with every morsel that goes in. (March 15, 1970)


            Sleep will come, will it not if one has had no sleep for extended periods? Yet all is known. Within there is the state of awakened awareness—jagrut avastha. Even in sleep, ‘she—the awakened one’—knows how much time Niru was in deep sleep. What an amazing state of jagruti prevails! She knows of the level of the deep sleep. (February 27, 1970)


            Remember this much Niru. If equanimity prevails in all situations, then one becomes a Gnani. (May 31, 1969)


The worship of the Gnani Purush in nine ways


            Since three years Niruben is with me—the Gnani Purush—every second by second. There is no difference in opinion whatsoever. Leave alone difference in opinion, she has never raised her voice even. Has such a sevabhav—the pervasive desire to serve—has it happened to anyone else amongst so many here? This is the result of tremendous punyai—past life merit karma.

            This is the expression of tremendous navadha bhakti—devotion and worship in nine ways and folds. Niru has developed a great bhaav—intent coming to fruition—of arpanata—surrender of all that is not the Self. With the prevalence of such good surrender, the fruits—results are indeed very great.


            (Addressing Niruben…) This service to me that has come to you (in this life) is a punyai—merit karma of very high order. No one else has received it.


            Service to us—the Gnani Purush and the enlightened Lord within—and the bhav—continued inner intent—of jagat kalyan—salvation of the world—is the only thing worthy for you to do. That much encompasses everything.


            (On completion of seven days of service to Dada at Dr. Pujari’s place) No one will get such a sanjog—circumstance—and you have received it. Even I am surprised. Seven days of constant company with me in my service will get the work—ultimate spiritual goal—done and the Gnan comes into exactness. I have ‘seen’ that of yours (inner state of Niruben), no one will get such an intense concentrated circumstance (of spiritual progress).


            She wants to attain purnahuti—completion of the spiritual journey—through the mode of seva—service—of Dada and it will happen. She has gained the amazing opportunity of these seven days. One does not attain the fully enlightened state of the Self by constant study of scriptures, or listening to the same. It can only happen through service (of the Gnani). Only through silent service. There is no need at all to ask or question anything.


By allowing to be served she was raised to the top levels of awareness of Gnan


            Dadashri: Niruben said, I will stay, and thereafter I allowed all three to stay.


            Questioner:  When you fell off the bed and sustained a hip fracture, is that about the time at the hospital?


            Dadashri: No, in the hospital, only Niruben alone was there in my service.


            So then when we went to Ravjibhai’s place here, then all of them started telling Niruben, you stay off and let go (taking care of Dada). One of our bhais—common Gujarati term to address a gentleman—said, ‘I will stay (with Dada at the hospital).’ Whereupon, another bhai said, ‘no, I will stay.’ Then they all went to dinner. Then Niruben said, ‘ Dada, please do this much,  grant me the privilege of taking care of you. I would like that much labh—inner gain.’ I decided that. This is because the female gender has no difficulty in this. And later all three went to bed. Now in the night when I would get up simply to expectorate, Niruben would remain sleeping and the other two guys would jump up on every move of mine. I told them, tomorrow the two of you will be dismissed, you have not slept the entire night. If you remain so much emotional, then when will you ever reach the stage (of enlightenment)? If you spoil your health then a new problem will be created, so come only when I call for you, or when I say, wake up bhai. I would hardly get up for a simple spit and the two of them would jump up from sleep saying, ‘Dada I am bringing it, Dada, I am bringing it (the spittoon).’ Thereafter, I told them not to remain in my service. I told them, ‘Keep only Niruben.’ My desire too was to have Niruben only. This is because it looks wrong if two guys have to lift me up for toilet purposes, and for a female this is a sahaj—intrinsic naturalness—matter.


            Questioner: Everyone’s prakruti—nature of the formed complex, the non-Self of thoughts speech and actions—is different.


            Dadashri: This cough, and cleansing within, all the nursing, is this an ordinary matter?


            The deepest inner intent—bhaav of Niruben was, that if she got the opportunity to be of service, then the Gnan—knowledge received form Dadashri—would become experiential and, my bhavnaa—desire indeed was that if as a woman she attains such a spiritual level of experience, then she will become an instrument for salvation of so many other females. So indeed there was an inner partiality for her. Additionally there was a desire not to create difficulties for the two men. Why put them through difficulties? I told them that if Niruben was not around, they were to be the ones to be there for sure. Let the poor lady have some gain (spiritual) as she wants it so badly. She had the deep desire because she never got the opportunity. She used to let me let do the entire toilet on the bed only and I stopped that after coming to Aurangabad, because it became possible for me to move around from the bed.


            Now this is an amazing happening that something happened to this leg (hip fracture) and some punyai—merit karma—of Niruben’s must have awakened to come to fruition that such a good thing happened. If this one (Niruben) becomes ready then countless other poor (spiritually) women will benefit from her ability to give excellent upadesh—preaching. Otherwise who is going to go to preach the poor women?  This was indeed our bhaavna—effective desire—that if she becomes ready it would be very beneficial.


            Everything is going to be ready. It does not need to be done. All are getting ready (for the ultimate goal of final liberation). Only for her (Niruben) if she were not given the seva—the opportunity to serve—then she would not have become ready.


            Questioner: Why so?


            Dadashri:  Just mere listening will not let it stick within. In this service she got to see it, night and day. Say, she spilt some water  on Dada and herself, she got to ‘see’, whether Dada became upset or remained unpurturbed, and at such times imagine how much inner effect will be there!


            Questioner:  There will be a lot of effect, immediate recognition of total stillness of Dada happens. One gets to see Dada’s samata—total equanimity in all situations.


            Dadashri: She saw the sthira—still--amidst so much vishamata—distress. She ‘saw’ her own mistakes too, and the inner steadiness as well.


            Questioner: Yes, Dada. It is a very big training, now.


            Dadashri:  She will get that training. She got it all as part of this that she asked for. The mistakes will happen for the one who does something, no? Therefore, her mistakes will continue, and we recognize them instantly. However, we—the Gnani and the fully enlightened Lord within—remain vitarag—totally detached. Otherwise if a person is slightly sick or bedridden then he will take the caretaker to task by sick by endless bickering.


            Questioner:  Yes Dada, it would be a tough thing, and create a lot of problems.


            Dadashri: Some day we alert the person, when a hundred to two hundred mistakes have happened, bur really speaking, we tend not to say anything. If we make her angry, then she will not be able to remain near me. If she is carrying some hot coals around me and one happens to fall on me, I would remain silent. So how many such circumstances may have arisen?


            Questioner:  This may have arisen in every second, in every ritual, in every task, in every minute.


            Dadashri:  In bathing and toilet, in this work and that, in so many situations.  The mistake does happen for the one who toils. In all that she got to see the charamcharya—final daily life routine—of the Gnani Purush and that is her great good fortune.


            Questioner:  What a great fortune indeed, Dada! No one else would be so fortunate.


            Dadashri:  She has seen every routine by the minute. The routines of the Gnani taking meals, drinking, and bathing, she saw all routines. When the salvation of the world is to happen, one becomes so prepared. Many special women and celibate girls will be trained and spiritually prepared by her, and all that is in my advance vision—hisaab. This is because the samata—equanimity—that she has seen will arise within her, too.


            Now having sat next to Dada, near Dada, and acquired His rajipo—grace, what then remains? What else remains?  How much seva—service? Whatever service done for Dada, is whose service done? It is equivalent to the service done for the Lord of the universe! What else remains then?


            Questioner: Nothing else remains, Dada.



Every service is in the awareness of the Gnani


            Dadashri:  Now, even if you were not to be blamed, I would say that you have no substance and depth in you. So then you would ruminate within, that now there is no more depth within, what’s going on? I have to use such words.


            Niruben:  Not with depth and substance, Dada, simply had assumed that there was depth and substance.


            Dadashri:  Yes simply had believed that there was some depth and substance—barkat. No one else in your place would ever believe what I was saying to be true. That is the reason why this much grace flowed on you. I was convinced of that change in your vision—drashti. It gave me much joy.


            Niruben: It would happen to you, Dada. More than it would happen to me, because all the effort is yours Dada.


            Dadashri:  I would even say that, I am at a loss without you. I would use such words to quickly amend the words that I had used. It is true that I like you company, not from the nischaya—from the perspective of the Self—though. You may say that you are leaving, but then I would not want you to stay, but I would feel within that it would be nice if you stick around. For you I had placed an abhedabhaav—the feeling of oneness—two souls and one body.


            Niruben:  That is true Dada. When it touches my heart within, I am very aware of it.


            Dadashri:  Yes abhedabhaav—the sense of oneness. This is all very subtle. You have understood it further now, because it was all clear—not clouded by passions—within. I had said that I couldn’t forget your upkaar—good deed—for what you had done for me. I would be in trouble if you were not to progress in your Gnan.


            Niruben:  Yes, you used to say that, Dada.


            Dadashri:  When my leg (hip) was broken, I had said, let me go use the toilet bearing weight on it. Then you said, you do not like me straining so much. She would lift up my faeces, and clean me up so nicely in bed, wash me with so much care all over while I was bed ridden. Then clean off all the soiled material with water, bucket by bucket, rolling me gently from side to side. Tell me, how can I ever repay this debt?


            Questioner:  No, it can never be repaid.


            Dadashri:  I used to live at my nephew’s place. The nephews were all ready to help but the boys cannot do this much. ‘You go to the toilet, I will sit here and wait for you,’ he would say. I know it all, and here Niruben would say, no, go ahead and do it right here (on the bed). Do you think I would forget all that? If someone has given me a cup of tea, I would remember it.

            Niruben: Dada remembers everything. Knowing that, my heart is filled with emotion of gratitude. See how minutely he remembers it all.


            Dadashri: It may be all be very minute in detail, but I have seen that you have never been tired or repelled from taking care of me. I said, the poor lady is sleeping soundly, and she would say, no, wake me up, I am never experience any disgust or fatigue (in matters of taking care of Dada). So would I not understand everything? I understand it all. I am not an ascetic I am a Gnani. The people would not understand all this, no?


            Questioner:  We understand it all, Dada. Especially being around you, we understand it all more clearly. And when you say all this we feel respect and reverence for Niruben and feel like offering her our continuous obeisance. Glorious praise to this Niruben!


            Dadashri: What an amazing seva—service opportunity—for Niruben! Such amazing and strong seva is very rare for anyone. Where will one get this seva of this Gnani Purush for even half an hour?


            The work of infinite life times has been accomplished firmly. Otherwise no one will allow such seva. Even a slight caress over the leg is not allowed. No other service is allowed. Now see, the leg broke and all the seva came to Niruben!


            Questioner:  But Dada suffered a loss, no?


            Dadashri: What loss was incurred? We have infinite wealth, no? What loss can happen where there is infinite (inner) wealth? Even then, no one gets to lay a hand on that wealth. If we allow a simple caress of a hand (on our body), they take away a bit of that wealth. A little bit only, not a lot, and not that easily. We get a tremendous rush of inner wealth. We have infinite inner wealth. There is no loss of anything! For her the occasion has arisen since two years. Whenever a sickness arises, she is there together and this a a great unfolding (the seva opportunity). Seva is rarely available. In an illness, the most one can do is to apply cold compresses, what more? What can be done when the hip breaks? The man is then apang—lame and helpless. One has to do all the seva for the lame and the handicapped.


            This Niruben said, give me all that seva—the opportunity to serve. This became very firm and proper for Niruben.



The applied awareness of the Self during bathing the Gnani Purush


            While bathing if the hand has to be moved here and there, it takes away your upayoga—the awareness from the vantage of the Self. Now even when Niruben is bathing me, the upayoga remains for us ( The Gnani). When she is washing the feet, I am able to remain as the Self—upayoga. What happens to the worldly people? Even a slight whiff of air, makes then involved and they get carried away in the pleasantness of the breeze. The awareness is gone!


            Questioner:  When Niruben is bathing Dada, at that time whatever Niruben (the relative self) is doing, bathing, She (the Self) would have the awareness of all that (upayoga), no?


            Dadashri: That upayoga of hers is good. That awareness is very beneficial to her. She would have a good upagoga, for sure! Even if such internal analysis is absent, I am saying that the upayog remains beautifully just like that. Upayoga remains!


(When Niruben took Dadashri to the bathroom to bathe Him, in Los Angeles, 1987)

Dadashri: Niruben, when you are bathing me,what is your upayoga—state of awareness?


Niruben:  Dada is the living supreme Lord and I am bathing Him.


Dadashri:  Let me explain to you how you should arrange the upayog—applied internal awareness. The one who is being bathed, that is not ‘That’, the one who is doing the bathing, is not ‘I’. ‘I’ and Dada are one, abheda—without any distinction.


Niruben: Yes, understood. I will keep such awareness.


Dadashri: And over there, is it not necessary to have someone to do the bathing? She had to bathe and wash me. She did even the putting on of the dhotiyu—single piece white lower gown.


Niruben:  That is my great good fortune, Dada. Where would I get such seva? Nothing except Dada pleases me, in the world.


Dadashri:  But, you have kept me close to you, no?


Niruben:  You have kept me close to you.


Dadashri: I like it.


Questioner: Who is there that Dada does not like?


Dadashri:  But with her there is constant interaction, smooth or rough, it is liked. There is never any displeasure or repulsion. We know the limitations of a human being, and are able to see it all, the presence and absence of the inner energies, and we observe certain virtues and beyond that it is not necessary for us to see any more, when any errors occur.


Dada showers love

‘You are preparing good meals for Dada’, was being said daily. Now on the day when we say that the meal was bad, she would know that it is being said to Niruben, not to me. When I say, ‘this is bad here’, then she would tell Niruben, ‘Niruben, you made it bad and that is why Dada is saying so, no?’


Niruben:  A while ago when you were saying, ‘the meal has been well prepared’, I was loudly telling Niru that, ‘when the meal preparation was bad and Dada said so, then do you remember how your face lost all its color?’


Dadashri: Yes…wanted to absorb and receive a lot of grace of Dada, but only if (you—the subtle ego) allowed it, no? But the kachro—junk of inner passions—is gone. It is hard to get it out—help eradicate it, by any one—through the help of another. It is possible through me. She had love for me. That love was for Dada only. She had a lot of love for Gnan, a lot of faith on Gnan. The speed with which she entered this line—the world of the Self—is the speed that develops here (grace). In six months it will shower like the rains. Otherwise my words were such that it would raise much inner anger. I would even ask her, I would say them, if you like them. I also know how to use sweet words. Whereupon, she would say with a royal air, no go ahead and say themand when I did say so, they were all absorbed with benefit. Now we have come to know Niruben very well indeed.


The disease of deceit cut by thrashing


I told Niruben to come over and sleep. It is not worth doing any other work there. This is because those people take over the seva—the service (of the Gnani), if not, they would quarrel and grumble. They would quarrel everywhere, and this the poor lady is not used to seeing clashes at this age. Then she told me that for the USA time, leave the seva exclusively for me. So then I made it that way thereafter.


Questioner: Is it not a selfish interest or deceit of the female, or is it an udayakarma—unfolding karma effect?


Dadashri:  Yes, but the bhaavna—deep inner intent—exists no?  To be liberated. Such intent…


We get rid of it by giving big thrashes. Someone might say, are you using such words Dada? If we do not give a big thrash the disease would not leave. Alas! This one is of deceit, and for that we keep prodding and thrashing. The one who has something to gain out of the other will not thrash. This will definitely ensure her spiritual and worldly benefit.


No one will awaken anyone to this, no? I have thrown down this Niruben time and again, no? I have to take her to moksha—ultimate liberation. I have degraded her openly countless number of times, and she would become dejected and say, ‘now what will happen of me, Dada?’ I would reply, ‘why talk like this? Whose seva are you doing? Do not be frightened.’ By some way of other I will make such a turn of your internal awareness that all the kachro—inner passion—will be thrown out by me. Whose seva are you doing? Then, on hearing this she would become all right.


The poor lady keeps doing the seva with such deep inner intent. When I go to America, there she does the seva. She wants to do it here (India) too, but it is not possible completely.


A motherly nursery for Dada


Questioner: Dada, Niruben does the work of a man as well as of a woman too. Here (in America) one has to lift bags, and luggage, run around and do all the chores personally.


Dadashri:  Yes, she does all the work like a man.


Questioner:  She can get everything done without any help.


Dadashri:  No one else can do my complete seva. Niruben is doing lots of all kinds of seva.


Questioner: Dada, even you cannot do without Niruben. Many times you become like a child.


Dadashri:  So then, what am I to do?


Questioner:  When you became all alone at that station?


Dadashri: Yes.


Questioner:  Then you said, where has Ba—mother gone?


Dadashri: Someday, I become a child, no?


Questioner:  Make us too, like Niruben by molding us.


Dadashri: That will happen if there is punyai—merit karma. For that punyai is needed.


Separation in the Toronto Airport Terminal


Niruben:  It happened for us in Canada that the security measures were greatly tightened when the Air India Flight had exploded in air. The wheelchair carrying Dada approached the security area and they would not let me push it. There they would not allow me to go with Dada. So then Dada came through the security area and I arrived through the lift—elevator. Dada’s passport and ticket documents were all with me, which had to be shown before they would let us go through immigration area. I asked someone about Dada, and he told me that, he has gone through. He was talking about some other old man.


Dadashri: They took me through another way and then all the officers started asking for my ticket and passport. In Canada they started wondering, what to do next. They had no idea about me. The airport authority people asked me for the permit, which authorizes my coming to Canada. Then I replied, ‘I am not just going to give it.’ They became more puzzled. They asked me to converse. I indicated through sign language that I do not know anything. They became even more puzzled. Then Niruben arrived, otherwise what will they do to me? They will not do anything, no?  I hardly look like a robber, do I? The fear enters the one who is the doer. What happens? Then what did the officer say when Niruben arrived?


Niruben:   He was asking by writing on a paper. Dada had indicated he could not hear, so he would ask his questions on paper. ‘Where are you coming from?’ Where are you going? How long are you going to stay? You would reply to all by sign language, I do not know anything.


Dadashri: What can we say, if I cannot hear anything? I need someone to say it for me, no? For the little that I could here, if I got into saying yes, there would be a lot more trouble. Instead, ‘ek nanno sau dukh ney hane…’ one simple no kills a hundred miseries. (Dadashri acts with sign language signifying he does not know anything.)


Then the man asks for the permit for having entered a foreign country, and demands this and that and there was not a piece of paper with me.


Niruben:  A crowd had gathered around you wandering what to do.


Dadashri: Yes, the poor guys were puzzled about what to do. Our laxity of control, what to do now? In this if Niruben is with me then I can hear, otherwise I cannot hear anything. Despite this she has taken me from village to village and has never caused me any kind of strain, never.


Questioner: Niruben’s seva in all matters is very great. Her work in all corners is very valuable.


Dadashri: She is able to manage it all too!


Never saw any faults of the Gnani…


We do not keep a stranger to close to us. He would employ his intellect and thus see faults (of the Gnani) and fall. Devoid of this subtle understanding, he would go to hell. My dear, you saw the fault of the Gnanin Purush who verily liberates this current world! Alas! He is a stranger without the right understanding. That is why I do not let such men come too close in matters of our daily interaction. We may let him stay an hour or two. Niruben is the only one, she has been with me for so many years, but she has never seen a single fault, not for a second. That is this Niruben! Isn’t that amazing?


In this regard, I have observed Niruben. Not a single day will be there for a negative thought. If I am beating someone with this hand, even then it will not arise. She would think that it must have been happening for the benefit of the one getting the beating!


Questioner: And that is indeed how it is.


Dadashri: Now how would this person’s (stranger’s) intellect reach this?


Questioner: There is nothing except absolute compassion and salvation here.



Became the right receptacle of grace for conducting the Gnan Vidhi


Now Niruben has become enormously ready to give Gnan. That will happen only if there is punyai—merit karma, no? This place is not available. This place is unavailable even if one is ready to give 500,000 Rupees per month. Such is this place.


Questioner: Today it is not easy to deal with Dada. There is no place for any hollowness—lack of substance, deceit, in front of Dada.


Dadashri: It will not work here. Niruben weathered it and remained, no one else could tough it out and stay. Others used to say this much that, no one can remain with you.


She alone remained after enduring the insults. No one else can take it and stick around. I had said once, ‘you may leave when it is convenient for you, you are not bound tom me. No problems will come to me. You may go.’ She told me, ‘ I will not leave even if you kill me.’


Then I concluded. There is no need to say anything anymore. So much faith is talking without my asking. Kshatriyapanu—the inner intrinsic energy of the one who leads—was not fully understood by me, but now I understood that this was the trait of the kshtriya—the one who never looks back or doubts—and all this work is being done because of such bravery!


Niruben, you would not believe but now you do, do you not that you are a kshatriya—one with royal courage. Proceed now with a sword; proceed… as if Goddess Amba has arrived!


And your work is all very speedy, once you take hold of it. Satsang must be done daily. All will get the right solutions of all types. All would like to know through the intellect.

Our blessings are there. ( Jai Sat Chit Anand) We are pleased.


Niruben has cleared it all with ease. She has attained a lot of grace. That is why all this has come about. She has done ekdhari—unwavering and constant seva for the past eight to ten years.


It may be with us or with anyone else, we have to sambhave nikaal—settle with equnanimity. Niruben stays with us only, but our grace has flowed unto her, so She remains in sahajbhaav—natural ease. So there with her we do not have to settle with equanimity.


Questioner: Niruben’s purusharth—highest inner endeavor after Self -realization—is of a very high order.


Dadashri: Nothing will come about by doing purusharth. If one were to sit with me for a hundred thousand years, nothing will change. Our grace has to be attained. Grace flows when we are pleased. By following our Agnas we become pleased. We do not become pleased by anything else.


The resultant amount of bhaav—intent is dependant on the amount of seva. All are going to get the same final liberation—moksha. Dada’s rajipo—the pleasure of the Gnani is received by following Agnas and doing seva. Compassion flows and purnahuti—completion of the goal—happens. Moksha happens by following Agnas, it does not if Agnas are not followed.


Questioner:  What kind of merit karma must have been done for Niruben to be able to stay with Dada?


Dadashri:  ‘I want to die solely for attaining the ultimate truth,’ such bhaavna—deepest inner intent brings forth the time to stay with the Gnani. And if one remains to eat jalebis—sweets, then that happens.


Unattached, even in attachment: Gnani Purush


So when we tell off Niruben, our rajipo—inner satisfaction of the Gnani—does not leave. Someone else may misunderstand it to be so, because the vision to ‘see’ it is not correct.


Niruben:  When you say that I am displeased.  When you displease us then you…


Dadashri:  I used those words for this person here, not for you (Niruben).


It is like this, we may scold anyone else, and then quickly talk kindly with pleasure at the same time, but with him it—the inner love—decreases from within. That person would feel that Dada is pleased with him, how sambhaavi—in equanimity Dada is!  With you (Niruben) we do not keep equanimity. If we keep that then the rajipo—sense of satisfied pleasure of the Gnani—over you would be considered lessened from within.


Niruben: I am beginning to understanding that, Dada.


Dadashri: With that other person we are absolutely vitarag—unattached. With you, we are not completely detached—vitarag. In others we are vitarag and therefore there our love decreases as we become unattached. The love decreases and the detachment takes hold. We scold you, and means there is our love. With you we have not become without attachment. With you we have not become vitarag, enough said. Do you understand this?


Niruben: Yes.


Dadashri:  Let us move on. If you do not understand this now, it will become apparent later on.


The one who does not want anything, and does not meddle in anything unnecessarily, such a person will be a vitarag. Night and day therese is the deep desire—bhavna—to help others attain salvation. There is no care for one’s own body. The care is there as to how our mahatmas welfare and progress spiritually towards their ultimate goal.


The subtlest issues of awareness of separation explained


Niruben: Niru also sat down to samayik—the process of seeing from the perspective of the Self. For a three-hour period a very good experience happened. Today’s experience was extraordinary. No prior samayik had provided such a magnificent experience.


Dadashri: That is correct. Who had the experience?


Niruben:  I had the experience. There was much bliss experienced. Much bliss!


Dadashri: Shuddhatma—the pure Soul does not experience anything, does not experience bliss. Bliss happens to Niruben and the experience happens to Niruben.


Niruben: It happens to the Bavo—term used by Dadashri for the inner one with is progressing from ignorance to knowledge of the Self—it is all of the Bavo.


Dadashri: We have to continue to see. We have to say that, this has happened to you.If you do not know how to say it, remain silent. There is no problem in telling me.


Absolute humility and awakened awareness taught at very subtle levels


I know with surety that Niru will not remain weak and incomplete. I am aware of the faith that Niru will not break any of my instructions. Say with assurance that, Niru is separate and ‘I’ am separate. Never become one with it—the non-Self, ever. Niru is hungry, Niru wants to eat, Niru has prepared food, Niru does not understand, Niru understands, Niru gave a bath to Dada. Keep such a speech. In the end, never exercise your chalan—authority to keep Dada happy. When the doctors have said something, keep in mind Dada’s wishes and follow those. This is because no one will say anything to Dada. If there is a need to say something to me then ask, ‘will you listen to this one point of mine?’ Then I will reply, ‘yes.’ Then you say, ‘this is what I find reasonable, but your order is final for me.’


The separation is also happening for Niruben. It was a very deep bhaavna—intent of mine that for having done so much seva for me, if it does not happen for her then it is my weakness. She has listened to so much of my words; nothing has been left to listen to. So now behold, how ready she is! Yesterday, in satsang the mahatmas were asking Niruben and beautiful answers were forthcoming from within.


To do this is a kind of moha—illusion—of a kind and if you need to do this then tell her—the first neighbor, the non-Self—that if you want t make a garland of flowers make it and I will remain separate for a while. I will not get involved in it. If she—Niru—wants to go to the kitchen then say, I will remain separate, I am pure Soul. Dada is my Shuddhatma—pure Soul—and Dada and I are one only. Dada is verily my pure Soul.


Niruben:  Yes, Dada, I have understood. Now you have said it clearly. I am not to meddle in those two.


Dadashri:  Do you feel as if Dada is speaking within you, your welding—inner connection and all that? That is why I concluded that you have done well. Will you be able to carry on in that manner?


Niruben: It will happen, it will.


Dadashri: ‘the mind, intellect, ego and Niru; you and I have no dealings. It is only a relation of interaction and it is like that with a neighbor’, say so. Keep saying this all day long. The ego within will rise up and take control, does that happen?


Niruben: Yes, it does happen.


Dadashri: Today I have performed a Vidhi—supreme internal spiritual energy instillation of the Akram Vignani—for you. From here on it will not arise.


When alone, I rebuke this A. M. Patel (Dadashri reprimands his worldly self). Then in the presence of all what I speak is also with separation. Even in the presence of Niruben I will say it. What do I say? ‘ Ambalalbhai contractor! What kind of a man are you? Who the hell do you think you are?’ Niruben asks, ‘you are talking?’ then I said, ‘what can I do? How can all the conversation be done in secrecy?’

Niruben had brought forth such kachro—internal junk of passions, anger, false pride, deceit and greed—kashay. Yet, along with it she has the seva, of a constant nature,  and therefore she has  listened to it—Dada’s speech—all. Nothing remains to be listened to. Therefore gradually Niruben will attain the ukel—internal unraveling, dissipation of last trace of kashay. This will happen in ten to fifteen days. (1987)


You have done a lot of seva—service to the Gnani! Your outcome will be of a very different type for doing this kind of seva! Furthermore, you have listened. Lot of people had asked.  You explained the nature of the six eternal elements and all the people understood. Let it slowly increase from within. Speak up when it has increased, for now speak little by little. Ensure that the mahivada—internal enemies of residual kashays—do not make you fall. Take your step with great caution. Sit—relax with nirant—internal ease. (1987)



Awareness of Absolute Principle


            Questioner: Is it not possible to explain the process of Gnan—spontaneous Self-realization—that happens to Gnani Purusho—Gnanis?


            Dadashri: That is not easy to explain so that it will be understood. Gnan—Self-knowledge—has happened to this person here too, but it cannot be explained so that it is understood. Only we alone (Dadashri) can explain it. Alternatively, Niruben here can explain it a little of it. Those who have come in deeper contact and familiarity can explain it a little. Parichaya--familiarity through inner understanding—of greater amount with us has to be developed, then all can be explained.


            The entire siddhant—principle of (Akram Vignan)—remains constantly within for Niruben here. Through the divyachakshus—divine inner vision of the Gnan, she sees the Lord everywhere. (May 6, 1970)


            So Niruben has attained the principle. So if anyone inserts any other line, she would immediately assert that, this is not Dada’s word, it is someone else’s writing. Therefore, she knows each and every word of mine that this is Dada’s word. Having attained this principle, if she is preaching someone, I will not stop her because even in her language, or any other language her focus is exclusively on the main principle. This is because she is deeply in touch with me. To attain the exclusive focus of the principle is a very difficult thing. What is that principle in its totality! The one who has attained the exclusive focus of the entire principle, will be able to speak from any perspective, anywhere. As long as the imperfection exists in the attainment of this principle, everything remains imperfect and weak.


               During the publication of these books, all are pleasantly surprised with the articles written by Niruben. If Niruben provides articles to your newspaper, people will be amazed. She was asking me, should we give some. I replied, ‘there is no problem, go ahead and provide the articles, quite to the contrary, they will be beneficial.’


            It is a totally different matter as far Niruben is concerned. You on the other hand must not use such language (referring to someone else preaching without permission). You cannot say a word as Chandubhai—the worldly self.



Questioner: No, it is not as Chandubhai.


Dadashri: Then how is it coming forth?


Questioner: As Dada’s speech.


Dadashri:  No, but it will not work. For that purnagnan—total knowledge—must be there, then it can be spoken. Alternatively it can be spoken if we give the siddhi—special spiritual power. Everyone does not need the siddhi, and it cannot be given. From hereon, you should not say anything. You should not dish out to others your version of this to others. There is no need to become anyone’s guru—spiritual master.





Become the embodiment of love


          If someone insults you then also become premswaroop—the embodiment of love. You see me as the embodiment of love, how long have you been with me? Now do you want to become that?


Niruben: I want to become that, Dada.


Dadashri: If I say that you do not have any sense, then say, ‘I know now who you are telling that.’ So now become the embodiment of love.


When does love arise? Apologize for all the mistakes that have happened in interactions with anyone in life so far. Then love arises.



Niruben: Dada, it is very easy to ask for forgiveness.


Dadashri: Will you like this talk of mine? It will be liked if it is understood.


Niruben: Dada, I want liberation, that is why I like it.


Dadashri: Do you want to attain liberation or do you want to become abheda—one—with Dada?


Niruben: I do not want to be free from Dada, I want to be free from the faults, that is why I like it, Dada. I want only constant oneness with Dada.


Dadashri: Oneness with Dada means liberation is at hand. Liberation is guaranteed.


Niruben: Yes, that is with Dada.


Dadashri: That other about asking profuse forgiveness touching the feet is all useless. Do it according to the Agna of Dada, that, ‘no one else has committed the fault, but this that I am seeing now, was my own fault.’ This is for all, who yearn to rouse love with anyone. They have to let love awaken thus. Then love will arise within. Do you want to awaken love or not?





Niruben: Yes, Dada.


Dadashri: It should be my way. The way I have swum through, I will help you to swim. Did you feel good?


Niruben: Yes, I felt very much lighter—relieved from load , Dada.


Dadashri:  You will let love awaken in abundance, no? When one becomes the embodiment of love, one has oneness with the other person. Mostly this is how it has happened with me. The entire method has now been laid open by us.


Sewn the seeds of compassion thus…


Just as I have empathy for each and everyone, you too are to have the same. Do I need to say anything?  I will not need to comment any more on this, will I?



Niruben: No.


Dadashri: Will it change? When?


Niruben: Right away. Now it will start to change, Dada.


Dadashri:  outside, once the bhaav—deep inner intent of the people change, then all is accomplished with ease. We have love for all, do we not? You have seen that even in the midst of  the worst health, have you not?


 Niruben: Yes, I have seen it.


Dadashri: What did you learn after seeing? It is I who has to sit and do the Vidhi—inner auspicious blessing of the Gnani for the seeker’s salvation—even if the leg is tremulous from weakness, the deepest empathy is the force that wants to do everything for him. And let this body get consumed like an incense stick. What are you going to do with it? It is nothing but a mere garbage bag. You want to become totally pure. For that purity, from here on do this. Begin from today. For all living beings simply harbor kindness and empathy and for these human beings what will you harbor?



Niruben: Karuna—compassion.



Dadashri:  Even when he says anything wrong, there is compassion. Did you ever see compassion before?



Niruben: Dada, I have seen your compassion only. I have not seen it in anyone else.


Dadashri: Now work with it. Make everything easy with it. Do You—the Shuddhatma, the pure Soul—have to do anything? All You have to do is to tell everything to Niruben, then she will continue to do the work. I bestowed so much grace upon you that is why it will come in to exactness and all that. Decide today. Mahatmas will come to me.  They may come to me for some other reason and I do not have a problem with that. Especially for the one who comes for Gnan, I hold that even if he curses me, even then I will not lose my empathy for him. You too must begin to decide that. Will it be possible for you?


Niruben: It will happen.


Dadashri: Motu mun, motu peyt—vast mind, vast capacity to absorb. For that, there is no need for me to tell you more, no? You have understood with just this much, no? Did you like this point of mine?


Niruben:  Very much so, Dada


Dadashri: After bowing—surrendering to You—if he takes a wrong stance, maintain compassion for him within, then those blessings will come to fruition and I will grant them. I have much deep desire (for You to take up the role), but only if you do not throw them out. In the end, without compassion, how will you proceed further? This is happening because Dada’s compassion is there for you. Otherwise…


Niruben: Nothing will happen.


Dadashri:  Will not happen, know this. Do you like all this?


Niruben: I like it very much, Dada.


Dadashri:  You have to stick to the Gnani and hold that whatever You do, whatever You do for Your Self, do for me too. That means The Gnani verily is one’s Self. That can never be counted as separate. Then, do not harbor any fear like, what if the Gnani becomes ill, what will I do? Harbor no such fear. The Gnani never dies. It is the body that dies and we do not have such avlamban—dependency, do we? We are niralumb—absolutely independent.  Not even the slightest dependency exists on this body or on money or any such thing.


Questioner: But for us Dada, we feel equal dependancy on the Gnani and the body of the Gnani.


Dadashri:  The support of the body, the body may leave tomorrow. How can you be dependant on the body?



Dada: The One who can never be titled



Niruben: Now I feel that my moksha—ultimate liberation—should not be hampered and this life in which I have met the Gnani should not be wasted. If this much can be preserved, then it is enough. Nothing else meaningful, remains.


Dadashri:  Only that much if it remains is more than enough. It is no ordinary thing.


Niruben: If I were in your place I would tell Niru to get out in a minute. It feels like it is impossible to keep—tolerate her. There are so many faults within.


Dadashri: It is like this. Everyone has learnt how to say, get out. No one has learnt how to say, come in, no?


Niruben: Beautiful, bravo Dada, it is excellent!


Dadashri: Who would not have learnt how to discard—get out—anything or anyone?


Questioner: How noble is this deep inner intent for salvation of the world!


Dadashri: So have only deep inner intent inside.


Questioner: That how a person can be liberated.


Dadashri:  My hiit—salvation has been attained, now where do I need to do something—focus my energies?



Questioner: How can the other be liberated, how lofty and noble this intent is!


Dadashri: But many people would have that kind of inner intent.


Questioner:  But this way, Dada, from our garaj—need.


Dadashri:  Yes, but whether the other person has a need for it, there are some human beings who retain such need within for the sake of the other.


Niruben:   It may all be there but such karuna—compassion does not exist, Dada.


Dadashri:  This is a transparent thing. It cannot be given a visheshan—extra title. There is none like this even such title is unnecessary. This is transparent.


But the intellect interferes, no?


Questioner:  That happens occasionally Dada. It has improved a lot compared with the past.


Dadashri: No, but because it is happening, I am warning you. Extraordinary Purush—enlightened One—of the world. Nothing can be said. There is no title for Him.



You have to become the mother of the entire world!



Dadashri:  What is Dada telling you? He is saying you are like a mother, saying you are like ‘Ba’ mother, no? What is He telling you?


Niruben: Your love is like Zaverba (Dadashri’s mother).


Dadashri: You are like Zaverba!


Niruben, you have created a nursery for me like a mother, served me like a daughter, and have nursed me like a nurse.  (1987)


            Niruben, you have to become the mother of the entire world.                     (1987)




Now when our home is ready then we will stay in our home only. Now we do not want to go people’s home. You cook meals for me, we will eat them, and you do not need to cook for mahatmas. We will hire a maharaj—Brahmin cook—for mahatmas. (1987)



Worldly life interaction puzzles solved by Dadashri


        People do not know how to live the life. Dada has known how to live the life, no? Niruben also has learned how to live the life.


            Which talk of mine did you like?



Niruben: I like all of them.


Dadashri: Bring the solution for that. Or else ask me, I will help you. Do you have any thing that you have kept secret from me?


Niruben: No, you are the first one I have to tell.


Dadashri: So you do not have to keep any secret from me, no? Go ahead and reveal it to me. When you tell me, I can repair it.


Niruben:  Do it for me, Dada. It would be very good.


Dadashri: This is because I will undo any entanglements of yours with anyone. Have I disentangled any for you?


Niruben: Many of them. You have cleared all of them.


Dadashri: This intent of mine to liberate you at no cost, is a good one, no?


Niruben: Very much so, Dada.


Dadashri:  Do you know that it is not possible to express as much as is understood?


Niruben:  That which has been seen can be expressed. That which can be seen—inner vision—, that which has been experienced can be expressed. That which is of understanding cannot be expressed.


Dadashri:  That which has been understood, that much cannot be expressed. To understand means to have the darshan. Keval darshan—total vision—means all has been understood, but because keval Gnan—total enlightenment—is lacking, that which is in understanding cannot be expressed. When one arrives there, one will be able to express. Do you understand?


Niruben: Yes.


Dadashri:  Good solutions will arise. Now is separation evident to some extent?


Niruben:  The separation remains, Dada. The taanto—the link of attachment to the non-Self—is not there.


Dadashri:  That biggest ego is gone. The taanto does not remain, no? How did you understand this?


Niruben:  It would burn from within, Dada, if the inner link—taanto was there. It would not let me rest.


Dadashri: Yes, even I observed that you do not harbor any taanto—inner grudge link. The biggest disease has been eradicated. This fault of harboring a link that perpetuates a fault is gone. Now this is good, leave that one too!


The Vidhi of the siddhi for salvation of the world


Dadashri: Are you able to speak while remaining separate? Even once when Dada speaks from within you, it will not become a poison for the listener, whereas this other speech will become a poison. Even so, some ground has been gained.


This is our siddhi—unmatched extraordinary spiritual power. It has been given to you for you to utilize. It is being given for the first time today.


Niruben: Dada, this is a great wonder. 


She became ready in Gnan with Gnani’s grace


Dadashri: Niruben has become ready in Gnan. I have given that authority—Gnan siddhi and she has heard a lot, no? She has heard everything about the six eternal elements, no?  Nothing is left for her to listen to.


How many people can you go along with?


Niruben: Dada, lately it is getting better with everybody.


Dadashri: Now it will stay. See, the boys—Aptaputras in training—have been repaired—trained, no?  How beautifully Niruben has become ready!  Whoever wishes to get the work done—accomplish the goal of liberation, do so. Now Niruben will accomplish her task.


‘Dada’ speaks Gnanvani from within


            The inner light will keep increasing as many times as  ‘Dada Bhagwan’ spoke.


            Questioner: And at this time, I felt like Dada was sitting with me and then he will say that this is right, not like this. It was like he was speaking from within, he was doing the satsang and I was listening, and it was a very good experience.


Dadashri: Yes, that is right and did you explain if there were some new words and those five Agnas? Did you explain them?


Questioner: No, at that time I did not speak much.


Dadashri: Niruben was talking at that time, is that right?


Questioner:  Yes, but within all was right and proper, that is how it was.


Dadashri: Is that so? Good.  The Gnan was given well, no? (This is in reference to the Gnan Vidhi, which was conducted by Niruben in presence of Dadashri in Los Angeles in 1987). And the five Agnas were well explained by Niruben. Very well done, indeed. I am very pleased! Now there is no need for anyone else, no? Now Dada Bhagwan will speak from within her, whenever she wants.



-Jai Sat Chit Anand







Pujya Niruma: embodiment of love and liberator of the world


After the worldly death of Dadashri, Pujya Niruma’s exclusive aim in life was for those who had not met the Gnani Purush. She held that those who had met him, their salvation was assured, but even the mere introduction of the Gnani Purush to those who had never met him, would be more than enough. To visit places where Dadashri had not been, to introduce them to the Gnan—knowledge of the Gnani and to get them going on the path of liberation became her only constant burning desire. This desire to awaken the world to Akram Vignan became a reality through Pujya Niruma in the short span of 18 years following Dadashri’s departure. She accomplished the mission.


 She had totally absorbed the core inner wishes—antar ashaya—of Dadashri. After his departure, she fulfilled each and every wish of His. A residential city in the vicinity of the Trimandir would be conducive to the following of the five Agnas of the Gnani, a bank would be helpful, a senior care facilty would help the older folks do the darshan of Lord Simandhar. Get Self-realised with atmagnan and to be free in the final moments of life would be the result for such old residents. She trained and made ready about 100 Aptaputras and Aptaputris—young men and women who have exclusively taken up the path of salvation of the world by totally surrendering themselves to the cause and practicing celibacy under the guidance of the current living Gnani. She also trained and presented to the world another Gnani, in accordance with the instruction of Dadashri, ‘ if a person becomes ready to give Gnan, prepare him in all respects to get this accomplished.’ The salvation work would be enhanced by worldwide devotion to Lord Simandhar, and presence of the living Lord in all homes through the medium of the enlivened murtis—marble idols of the Lord. In many pilgrimages and spiritual group visitations of places across the world—jatra she facilitated the darshan—inner vision and bhakti—coming nearer to the Lord within, for all who were with her. She even took a large number of mahatmas on a pilgrimage to Kashmir, because she had heard Dadashri say, ‘we like to visit Kashmir.’  By taking personal interest in each and every mahatma she helped him or her rise above and be free from kashay—passions, of illusion, deceit and ego and thus proceed higher within towards the Self. By getting rid of clash within the homes of all she brought the harmony of heaven within all homes that followed her instructions devotedly.


           In matters of money she had such purity that she instructed for payments to the organization for her residence at ‘Vatsalya’ in Simandhar City from her own personal fund by saying, ‘then I can live with khumari—unabashed self respect, no?’



She never sanctioned the distribution of her photographs to anyone and the only photograph which she consented to be placed in public flyers for announcement of  satsang—spiritual question answer sessions—an image in which the Gnani Purush is gracing her—seen as Him laying his hand on her head. Thus she remained in param vinay—absolute humility.


From the very first day of her meeting with Dadashri, she had recognized the greatness of His speech—Dadavani. She would receive and record in a diary whatever Dadashri spoke, and later she commenced recording in cassettes everything He said. The greatest service to the world is the exact preservation of Dadavani as it came forth, recorded at His feet by traveling with Him from villages to villages, cities to cities across the globe. She had given a promise to Dadashri to complete the work of publication of Dadavani in 14 Aptavanis and this momentous task was completed within her final days.


            From the very beginning Dadashri used to say about Niruma that, ‘she is a very sticky file—an individual with whom one has created intensely close accounts of inner passionate interactions of attachment and abhorrence—of mine from previous life interactions. She is going to be a major instrument for the salvation of the world.’ He even said that, ‘She is Mallinath—the sole female tirthankara of the past 24 tirthankara of this world—of our Akram (the step less path to moksha). He has told her that, ‘You have to become the mother of the entire world.’ The amazing note of all this is that whatever Dadashri had said did indeed become a reality in the life of Pujya Niruma. The instillation of the energy to liberate a quarter million people in October 1972 is now evident as a factual result to all of us. 


            The presence and expression of the absolutely revered Dadashri a/k/a Dadabhagwan, the original man—moola purush—Akram Vignani after a million years in this era is known as the unparalleled miracle of asanyati puja—the worship of the one who has never renounced anything. Dadashri used to say that even a woman can become a Gnani—enlightened liberator—in this era and I want to present such an example to this world. I want to create such a miracle. Thus by molding and presenting Pujya Niruma, such a miracle has been created in the train of miracles of miracles. And by gracefully receiving and implementing each and every takor—constructive criticism—from Dadashri, Pujya Niruma has become the instrument of salvation as envisioned by Dadashri.



During the final days…



           In London in August 2003, at 3:00 PM Pujya Niruma had a dream about Dada.  In the dream Dadashri says, ‘Niruben, you take care of your health. Settle down at one place. How long will you run around going from one village to another village? How is your health?


Niruben:  It is good, Dada.


Dadashri: You may feels so. I do know everything about you. Everything within has become khonkhoo—hollow, without substantial energy of the body.


Niruben: But Dada, what about all these people who are attaining salvation?


Dadashri:  That is because Your energy exists within, that is why you are able to travel.


            After this dream Niruma started wondering about the deeper intent of Dadashri’s message. When she related this dream to her close associates, it was suggested to her that she should stop the running around all over the world and settle down in one place according to the instructions of Dadashri. Niruma said, let me move around until 2005, after that I will stay put. She did indeed move about all over the world continuously for satsang purposes until the completion of 2005. 


            On January 14, 2006, Pujya Niruma had written a pad—spiritual hymn—with the lines, ‘Death, let me have Thy experience.’ Deepak’s eyes fell on it and Niruma said, ‘set it aside and do not be concerned with it. Nothing is going to happen.’ In the last month Nirumas food intake came to a virtual stop. All were very pained by it.  Despite this she never even had a thought of eating, her desires and vruttis—inner tendencies were simply not there. Then it came to mind that Dadashri had told Niruma that when your vrutti to eat ceases then your Gnan degree will be increased and the Gnan will become complete. It was then that I understood that this stage of Gnan of Hers had indeed reached a very high level.


            In the past two to three months Niruma did everything after asking only. What to eat, what to wear, what medicine to take, what checkups to undergo etc., was all done after asking. It was as if she did not want to have even a grain of swachhand—subtle ego exercise. On March 1, 2006 she underwent gastroendoscopic examination. Cancer was diagnosed. As the effects of the sedation of the anesthetic wore off about half an hour later, she called Dimple in the room. She was in a very jovial mood. She said, ‘you know it all now? All these doctors thought that I wouldn’t know, but I was wide awake and I know it all.’ There was no sign of pain of the cancer or any sign of suffering from it.


            On March 6, 2006, the Gnan Day of Deepak, Niruma says, today, I am going to teach all the Vidhi to Deepak. I am not keeping back anything.’


            When she was taken to USA for treatment a lot of the older—mahatmas who had received Gnan from Dadashri—came to visit her in the hospital. All had worked together in the presence of Dadashri. From them for any errors committed, Niruma asked for personal forgiveness by asking them to place their hand on her head. It was as if she settled with equanimity with all beings of this world. She finished the preparations to proceed to Mahavideh location. It felt as if it was only to complete this much task (ask for forgiveness), the occasion for her travel to USA had arisen. Nature too, it seemed was helping her along in her travel to  the Mahavideh world.


            Just prior to leaving for USA, one day it was discussed with Pujya Niruma that no new projects would be undertaken for a year and that we would all concentrate on maintaining her health. But the next day an offer came along from a gentleman mahatma who said that he wanted to donate as much land as is needed for a Trimandir. Upon hearing this Niruma immediately became positive and said that the Lord’s work must never be stopped for the sake of Niruma’s health. The Lord’s work must continue.


            Niruma was very alert about not allowing an iota of pain to come to a mahatma. It was her special instruction never to allow any discussion about her condition with a mahatma. When she conducted a live televideo conference from her hospital bed in the US to Adalaj in India via the internet, she would remove the oxygen cannula from her nose when the camera was turned towards her and instructed the camera to be turned towards Deepak when she needed the oxygen. Mahatmas simply felt that Niruma was quite all right.


            Until the very end she remained very positive and never let anyone around entertain any negativity. She would simply say that nothing is going to happen. If the traditional western medicine does not work, the alternative therapies will. All must remain positive. Whatever vyavasthit signals, I will accept, but until then I will not place any negative sign in anything.



            It was a constant strong bhavna—deep inner intent—of Pujya Niruma to experience the Self with perfect clarity—spashta vedan, and perform the work of Dadashri of salvation of the world, through the medium of thoughts, speech and actions until the last breath of life. Indeed as we see her last days, she was in the clear, present, and total experience of the Self as the Self. She used to say in her final days that, ‘for us, the ‘I’ is in the absolute enlightened state of knowledge without interruption. There is no result of the world evident here. There is no pain here, nor is anything of the body affecting here.


In the last 5 days of her life, she even gave Gnan to the doctor who was taking care of her while lying in bed with oxygen being supplied to her via nasal cannula. A couple of days later she graced him with some amazing insights in daily life interaction satsang, performed the Vidhi—the unique connection to the Self—of the pure Soul through the live medium of her feet for the doctor, thus immersing herself in the work of salvation until the last breath of her life.


  Dadashri had taught her that, ‘let what unfolds for Dada—the enlightened Self—unfold for me too.’ Until her last moments her life was indeed an example of exclusive living devotion coupled with matchless yearning to be with Him. Dadashri had told her that her next life will be in the form of a male body and it will spent in similar service to him and thereafter, the two of them will attain final liberation together. Therefore, our Niruma is indeed to Dadashri currently, at Mahavideh next to Lord Simandhar and has attained a very high level and state of Gnan. Her continued grace and blessings will exist for salvation of all beings on earth here.


When Pujya Niruma’s health deteriorated in the hospital, Deepak said, ‘cancel all my programs of satsang for the rest of the year. I will stay with Niruma and serve her.’ When Niruma came to know this, she said, ‘come here, why did you cancel the programs, all this will go on. Within fiftten days after Dada left his body, Niruma had commenced satsang. What is your problem? This is the mission of Lord Simandhar. None of yours or mine will work here.’ Thus by saying this she gave clear agnas to commence satsang.


            Just as the mission of salvation of the world increased and grew by a magnitude after Dadashri left his gross body in the world here, the mission will grow by multiples of magnitudes after the departure of Pujya Niruma. Through the grace of Dadashri, blessings of Pujya Niruma, and constant subtle help of celestial Gods and Godesses  this will proceed further with speed without inturruption or obstacles. Pujya Niruma used to say that this mission is of Lord Simandhar. Satsang and Gnan Vidhis must continue. Jagat Kalyan—liberation of the masses of this world will happen, will happen, will happen. We must never look back or cease any satsang at any time. It will continue in the Americas, England and India with increased vigor and energy.


            This vast tent of the mission of salvation of the world will be supported on the support poles of mahatmas and it will definitely provide the thirsty and suffering world with the graceful eternal bliss and solace of Lord Simandhar and Dada Bhagwan.


            The final message of Pujya Niruma for all mahatmas was that all of them should, ‘live with love.’ She furthermore, ensured this by extracting a promise from all mahatmas by adding, ‘promise?’ All we have to do is to give this promise. By living within the Agnas of Dadashri and from —shuddhatma pada—vantage of the Self, living with all within and without the home with love, is her message, which we will all fulfill as a promise made and kept in a lifetime.


            Now mahatmas will continue to experience sadness and pain of this loss in the relative realm. The worldly loss of such magnaninous love that has been experienced by hundreds of thousands of mahatmas is undeniable, but simultaneously an equivalent amount of inner bliss is being experienced by all. This is because Niruma arose higher in her spiritual degree status and attained Mahavideh location. There is joy and celebration in the fact that she has joined the company of Dada and Lord Simandhar. Now we have to bring to completion the love that we have receieved, to its total potential. With love filled joviality Niruma used to say, ‘this all that I am feeding you is not for nothing. You will have to help as many beings attain salvation as the number of  grains you are eating.’ All mahatmas now have to take up and help carry on the work which Niruma performed for 38 years, second by second, day and night, without resting , with constant internal fervor of how the suffering masses of the world may attain the Vignan of  Dadashri. Hundreds of thousands are ready after viewing the television programs of Pujya Niruma. Now all we have to do is to facilitate the link so that each one of them attains the Gnan Vidhi. For this we will all roam over villages and cities, provide people with videocds and gather them for the Gnan Vidhis. Just as Pujya Niruma  served the people by many folds,  we all together too will proceed forth with  energies of many multiplied by many folds to serve mankind. We will also fulfill her final message and  abide by  the  promise of staying together with love the entire life.            



--Deepak Desai




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