"If you want to proceed in the path to freedom, 'you' do not have to do anything; if you want
wander life after life, then you have to 'do' everything."
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"As soon as you know that ego is the cause of all damage, everything starts improving. There is no use in
protecting ego."
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"Intellect throws light on the non Self, and Atma lights the Self and non Self."
  > Dadashri Aptasutra 387



Aptavani 10 Part 2
page 62

This satsang relates to the role of buddhi
intellect in our inner
adjustments and subsequent actions.

Gnani Purush Dadashri
relates that prior to his
enlightenment he suffered a lot because of buddhi.

D: I am telling you my experience. I saw that as the functioning of buddhi increased, my inner turmoil and restless increased.

Q : What type of turmoil were you having?

D:  All kinds and of endless type. These turmoil were related to ahankaar ego. If someone  had difficulty in saying Ambalalbhai and instead just said Ambalal is it his fault? Even then, I would lose sleep over it the whole night. What does he think of himself by addressing me thus? Just see! There is no kingdom or throne to seek and yet I lost my sleep.
I even tried odd ways of  'placing' all my turmoil in an envelope at night, chanting a mantra and then placing that envelope in between two pillows, get some sleep and the next morning throw the envelope in river Vishwamitri ( adjacent to Baroda, Gujarat ). I had tried such measures to pass my days before my enlightenment.

From the very beginning I had no mumta attachment, sense of mine. Only ego was heavy and crazy ego, absolutely crazy ego!

Q: Why do you call it crazy?

D: I had no care for bosses. The mill owners did not get any attention from me. I had good relations with those under me like laborers. Those above me, I could not tolerate and my annoyance would come through. I simply did not like any bossing over me.

So when I learnt that God above is your boss I became weary and upset. Why should he be my boss? Instead of him, what is wrong with Hiraba ( Dadashri's wife ) being a boss? So then after inquiry I found that there is no upri boss over you. There is no need for such tension.

Buddhi intellect  in action results in awareness, bewareness and alertness. Proceeding beyond buddhi is gnan real knowledge and then exactness is acheived. Exactness is seen everywhere, from all perspectives. Alertness is from a focal viewpoint whereas exactness is the view from the center where all point of views are seen.

Q: Even so, is there some merit within buddhi intellect? Is there a good attribute to intellect?

D: Intellect has the merit where it helps you in doing good deeds in this world. Intellect associated with ego will help you to proceed from evil to good deeds.

Q: Meaning one is involved in shoobhaashoobh helpful and harmful to others, work?

D: Yes. To revert to good from bad deeds is considered religion. The one who wants to arise from all doing and duality, the one who wants to become fearless and be free from fear will have to know gnan the knowledge of the Self. The fact still remains to be known.

Q: Many times buddhi intellect helps in resolving conflicts in daily life.

D: Indeed. It is helpful in many ways in all problems relating worldly life, but it will not give a solution to moksh salvation and freedom.

"The one who has conquered sexual passion has conquered the whole world"
> Srimad Rajchandra

Buddhi may give you signals within... Q: Even an illiterate man will know from within that something is wrong if he is doing a wrong and evil act. And likewise a learned man will know from within when he is doing something evil that this is not right. So within us all there is something that always tells us that this is not right. Is that correct?

D: Yes, that is so. In such instances buddhi is being tested and if the wrong acts are to happen it will show you wrong ways and if right and good things are to happen it will show you right ways.

Q: What should be done to avoid all that is shown to be wrong and consequently hurtful?

D: It is not possible to avoid. He is weak. He is dragged into deeds by buddhi which shows him wrong ways by giving all kinds of evidences towards that way. To be aware that this buddhi intellect is pointing the wrong path is very difficult to achieve. As a result he sways as his intellects leads him on on the wrong path. Those who have achieved a high level of awareness will know that this intellect is showing the wrong path, and from that he will have an intuition that something wrong is going to happen in future. Vinaash kaale viparita buddhi wrong intellect at fateful time, isn't this a great phrase?

And this buddhi intellect is not under our control. It is the consequence of karma previous life's inner cause. It happens according to the way your karma unfolds. Many times intellect is very sharp and helpful. At other times buddhi intellect is spoilt. When intellect gets spoilt know that bad times are coming. Unspoiled intellect is a great wealth, and protects you even if you are penniless.

Buddhinaasho vinashyati the one who loses intellect ( Lord Krsna in The Gita referring here to discriminative intellect, unspoiled intellect ) loses all. Know that the moment buddhi gets spoilt, the results are going to be devastation. We ( The Gnani and The Lord awakened within ) want to improve this situation. Nature will not let it happen. It may seem devastated initially, but later it will appear exact.

That is why we say that in the year 2005, Hindustan India  will have become a spiritual center of the world. A new satyug era of Truth is dawning.


Bhaav, inclination.
Abhaav, disinclination.

Vitaragbhaav, inclination towards 
non attachment and 
freedom from all passions.

Disinclination towards buddhi leads to vitaragbhaav.

And now with reference to those who get into intellectualizing in satsang with Dadashri


D: Sansaar worldly interactions exist as long as buddhi exists. And raag attachment and dwesh abhorrence exists with the existence of intellect. Wherever intellect exists, attachment and abhorrence exist.

Q: In this scenario of attachment and abhorrence there is no chance for man to achieve mukti liberation.

D: How can he even hope for liberation? Liberation is only possible if he becomes vitarag free from passions of attachment and abhorrence. This is only possible if he meets a vitarag The Awakened One free from all desires and raag and dwesh. Vitarag beej the seed that blossoms to a passion free state ( gnan knowledge of Self ) is not easy to get.

Q: To nurture vitaragbhaav in this era is a very big deal.

D: How will it come! What is vitaragbhaav? Vitaragbhaav is swaprakashbhaav. The light of the Self. It means disinclination towards intellect and if one becomes disenchanted and disinclined towards buddhi intellect he has become inclined towards vitaragbhav. Otherwise it is not possible. Vitaragbhaav the leaning towards freedom from all passions is the final stage !

Buddhi intellect means prakash light. It is light coming through the medium of the ego and hence it is indirect. Intellect can only arise through the medium of the ego. And as long as intellect exists, interference of all kinds exist and there vitargbhav can not remain.  There is potential danger where intellect exists. There is no telling when intellect may bring him to devastation.

Intellectualizing in our satsang is noted and we know that now he is swaying and being made to take wrong turns by his buddhi. In such instances we remain quiet. If we do not he will get even more hurt as he strengthens his ego on a false path. As he proceeds on this path of insistence motivated by his wrong intellect, he will enter into darkness and commit more avinaya lack of discriminative attitude in front of The Gnani which leads to dangers of future devastation. So we terminate such situation by remaining quiet. Even if he commits avinaya we look at him as slipping and the poor fellow may fall. What happens when you mess with an intellectual? He will spread more intellect. And go on the wrong path.

The hunger of buddhi intellect is basically insatiable. We need something that comes to an end. The whole world is in buddhignan intellectual knowledge.

Q: It is better to proceed beyond buddhi.

D: There is no other way. Liberation is not possible as long as buddhi is in operation.

Intellect makes you find sansaar worldly life pleasurable. That is its nature. It entangles you in the world and makes you play with it. The play of the Real can only start if this worldly play is forgotten. As this worldly play decreases, your worries and tensions in life cease. The world has never seen the Real play, atmaramantaa the play of the Self, not a bit, not even a hair strand's worth.

"The Vitarags merely observed the arising, sustenance and destruction  of prakrutik shaktis, energies of the non Self and hence they were not experiencing any raag...attachment."
> Pujya Dadashri Aptasutra 3461

Guide your mun away from buddhi Q: It is said in The Gita that,' Guide your mun mind away from buddhi and look within me and you will see Me.'

D: He is telling it right. It is an absolutely true statement. If he leaves the intellect and guides his mind towards Him, he will see the Lord Krishna. The Lord has said it right in the Gita. The understanding of the people needs to change. They have in essence consumed the medicine which was meant to be used for applying on the skin. And then they complain saying, I am suffering. The simple message is, step away from intellect.

Q: Relinquishing the intellect the mind leans towards atma The Self.

D: Enough, if this leaning occurs, the work is done.

Q: Is japayagna spiritual endeavor of  holy name recitation, needed to lean towards the Self?

D: No, japayagna is not necessary. His first necessity is gnan, Self knowledge. To know the Self. he needs atmagnan knowledge of the Self.

Q: And for this knowledge, is intellect not necessary?

D: Intellect is not at all necessary for gnan knowledge of the Self.

Q: Then how will Self Knowledge come about?

D: Gnan is only available from a gnani, Self Realized person. It is possible with the grace of the gnani. Buddhi is not needed at all. Intellect will proceed towards sansaar worldly interaction, and it will make you wander endlessly in the world.

What arises from gnan? Buddhi.

Q: So gnan arises from intellect?

D: No. Intellect arises from gnan knowledge. What ever (gnan) you know, from that intellect arises. And by knowing Vignan ( Science of the Self and non Self ) gnan which is swa-parprakashit lighting the Self and the non Self arises. In Vignan nothing needs to be done. In buddhi everything has to be done.

" When one is done with the process of interference of his ego and intellect, One becomes enlightened."   Dadashri Aptasutra 3477


The Laws of the world
are exact. 
Page 79.

The implicit warning is directed to rich employers and businessmen who endowed with higher intellect take advantage of masses of people by deceitful practices.

Even so they qualify for moksha

This world is very just and exact. Do not make any errors. All responsibility is yours. God does not interfere in anything. Right understanding will bring right results and wrong understanding will bring wrong results.

Q: Does this mean that the one who is intelligent and has understanding is more at risk as opposed to one who has less intellect and understanding?

D: He suffers more. The one who has a higher intellect suffers more  if he errs.

Q: He assumes a greater responsibility towards suffering because of his higher level and use of intellect ?

D: Responsibility ensues, definitely.

Q: Lack of understanding is a different issue, but if he does an act with understanding, then the responsibility is heavy?

D: That is why we have said that if you hurt others with your buddhi intellect, you will invite the suffering of the eighth hell ( worse that the seven hell which exist ). If you take advantage of those with lesser intellect by the use of your higher intellect, you are inviting the suffering of the eighth hell.

There are only seven hells but this is a new order of suffering. This is because in previous era no one abused their intellect by taking advantage of those with lesser intellect. No, in that event I do not agree with the mun. This is now rampant in this era. That is why we have had to write in this book that the eighth hell is coming.

Now the warning bells are ringing. The shethiaos CEO's are being warned about the eighth hell !! Therefore from now onwards do not kill others with your higher buddhi intellect. If he engages in chari periodic transient ritualistic food material intake renunciation ( something that is he periodically does by virtue of being a Jain ) after listening to this simple statement of mine all his potential suffering ( eighth hell ) will cease.

If the weapon of buddhi intellect exists, it will be used to kill, hurt others. If it is not there where is the weapon of abuse? The foreigners are sahajik simple in their approach to other beings. They do not use their intellect to kill others. They simply do not know how to do it. They never even dream of doing this. This exceptional deceit is the game and legacy of these people (Indian businessmen with highly developed intellect).

Q: Sir, I am a vanio/baniya ( one engaged in business by class ) and therefore also a kapati ( of a deceitful nature ), is that not a fact?

D: Kapat deceit exists everywhere. Excess intelligence used to hurt others is kapat deceit. The same excess or a high level of intellect if used for right purpose, welfare of others brings forth astonishing results and graces the owner of the intellect. Intellect buddhi is a weapon. Deceit is the weapon of increased excess intellect. The abudha those without buddhi  will not know how to deceive others even if they want to. Therefore know that deceit is the weapon of increase in intellect.

Wherever intellect is used for wrong purposes ( resultant harm to others) paap- karma of demerit which will bring forth suffering in next life- is created. That is why we are saying that dear brothers, come to your senses now. You are hurting your own self. ( By binding causes for negative and suffering karma ).

Even so these folks ( The deceitful businessmen ) have the potential to qualify for liberation, if they encounter a Gnani Purush. This weapon of buddhi if turned in the right direction will lead to liberation. 


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