The Awakened Lord Within... Dadashri


"If you want to proceed in the path to freedom, 'you' do not have to do anything; if you want
wander life after life, then you have to 'do' everything."
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"Vitarag Vignan...the science of the liberated  keeps the home department  the Self totally separate
from the foreign..the body. Vitaragi Gnan...knowledge of the awakened ones makes you aware of that which is good or evil."
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"Aropit bhaav...identification with the body is karma and suffering is fruit of the karma.
Aropit bhaav is ahankaar...ego."
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Aptavani 10 Part 1
page 315

Mind is unreliable.

This portion of satsang is with aptaputras who have made a strong desire to live a life of total celibacy.

The Gnani Purush, Dadashri has no likes or dislikes. Why give in and be a slave of this 
mun mind which shows you likes and dislikes? You... Lord of the world ! How long have you been a slave of this mind of yours ?

Q : For most part of my life I have done what my mun...mind has prompted me to do.

D:  Four hundred years ago Kabir had said,'mun ka chalta tan chale taakaa sarvasva jaaya.' ( The one who follows the lead of his mind looses everything ). What wisdom indeed. What do you  think?

Q: Yes very wise indeed.

D: And you follow you mun. If your mun tells you to marry this girl, will you do it?
( This conversation is with an who has taken vows of celibacy )

Q: No, that I will not.

D: This mun may say so in future. What will you do then? If you wish to be true to your vows of brahmacharya celibacy, you will have to be strong. The mind may even prompt you towards passion and you may even say that now I wish to marry. That is why I say that tomorrow some of you will leave permanently to get married or follow your sexual instincts prompted by your mun. I said this because those who follow the prompts of their mun can not be trusted. This is because in such situations you become a slave of the mind. Those who are in control will not break their determination and vow.

You will be tempted from all angles if you give in to your mind to even a slight extent. You will end up rationalizing your acts and may even say that Dada's Gnan is enough. You will not stay here in this rare crowd of brahmacharis if you give in to the prompts of your mun.

Q: No Dada, from now on we will not leave you for anything else.

D: Even so, what assurance is there that the one who is swayed by his mind will not leave? Let us take your situation here. If  I tease you and scold you about your indecision and inclinations for two days in a row, you may leave because your mun is unreliable. Absolutely unreliable. You are merely paying lips service because you are still doing what your mun dictates. The strong man is the one who will not give in to the dictates of the mun, buddhi or ahankaar mind, intellect or ego. Not even God, if one such was to come your way. You hardly have the power to ride over your mun. If your mun tells you to go the funeral home ( in this context die because of engaging in sex ) you will go to the funeral and if your mun refuses to go, you will not.

Q: With respect to the brahmacharya the nischaya unflinching determination that I have made after coming to you, I have not paid any attention to what my mun has prompted even for a second.

D: Is that so? Does the  mun speak right?

Q: Yes, it speaks correctly.

D: This is because it has not spoken wrong so far. It has not shown you the wrong way. If it tries to show you something negative, you will not surrender or succumb to it initially. This may go on for seven days and it will keep prompting you towards passion and may even say, 'I have this Gnan so there is no fear. Other people respect us well, etc.' It may show you lots of angles and then take over the control from you !

Q: This will not happen from now on Dada.

D: That is why we are warning you to prevent a lot of future damage. Stop following the dictates of the mun. Quietly stop this slavery, and live with your independent nischaya unflinching determination. Use your mun if necessary and discard it when it is not necessary. Keep it aside. But this mun will swing along with you for a fortnight at a time and then make you marry ( slip into passion ). Major saints have taken a beating in this respect, so where is your capacity for this? You do not even know how to wear your shoes properly!

"The one who has conquered sexual passion has conquered the whole world"
> Srimad Rajchandra

You become what you engage your chit in. Q: You had said that if your mun agrees with your current opinions then go along and do the work, and if the mun shows or prompts something that is contrary to your current opinion, do not proceed.

D: Exactly so. That is all we are saying.

Q: Then if you ask me whether I like it, and if it is something that is unpleasant, I will have to say that it is unpleasant. But then I still do it.

D: How can you even say that it is unpleasant to you? It is unpleasant to the mun. What have you got to do with that which is pleasant or unpleasant to the mun? Say, 'I like it.' If you say, 'I do not like it', you ( atma the Self) become that form. That is why I have said for a long time that chintave tevo thhai become that what you hold within.

Q: I used to work sincerely even though I did not like the work at all.

D: So, who is preventing you? Sincerity will bring about the right adjustment.

Q: In my case there has been a total change. I do not follow the dictates of my mun.

D: Even so you just said that you do things that you do not like.

Q: I mean the mun finds it unpleasant. So I say to it,' this is the law book'. This is what has to be done, and in this manner and not the other. Previous opinions makes the mun tell me that this is the way it needs to be done.

D: Let it show you, so what? You just said that 'I do not like it', and yet you  have to do it. To say, 'I do not like it ', is a very dangerous fault. What will be its psychological effect? You ( the atma ) will become that. Sleep quietly even if you find it unpleasant. Eat if you are hungry otherwise stay put. Why take its ( mun's ) side at all? Do you know what effect you caused on your atma when  you said that you do not like it? You stained it!! Now how long will it take to remove this stain? How much time will be taken to remove so many stains? So know that you become what you hold within...chintavan.

Even if you find it totally unpleasant, hundred percent unpleasant, say that, 'I like it.' You will become that. So from here on, will you make the necessary changes?

Q: Yes.

D: When?

Q: I will start my efforts right away and make the necessary adjustments.

Follow your plan exactly D: Do you like what I just said?

Q: Yes I liked it.

D: What did you like?

Q: Do not follow the lead of the mun.

D: Our nischaya determination is in accordance with our dhyeya...goal. Do that which leads us to our goal. Follow your current planning only. Do not follow the plans of your mun. Otherwise you will not reach your goal. You will not be able to remain in brahmacharya celibacy in thoughts, speech and acts. You will not be able to remain here. You will not last with Dada.

Listen to the mun mind for only that which is needed, and thereafter act according to your determination. This is all I have to say. This is my principle. 

Mun may even show you that ,'Some day I will show my boss.' This is the path of slavery to the mun

"In all situations and circumstances of 'effect' in life, true freedom is the presence of 'I am free.' "
> Pujya Dadashri Aptasutra 3383

Determination of Goal Only.

Dhyeya noj Nischaya

D: Your determination is to be a brahmachari. Yet you seem to be following your mun.
That is why you do not have anything. Your mun had told you that there is no happiness in marriage, and you accepted that.

Q: Agreed, but finally I have arrived at nischaya determination.

D: Yes, the nischaya is now yours. Only if you decide that it is your nischaya. Thereafter tell the mun that, 'From now onwards if you show anything wrong, then I am not going to be with you.'
Henceforth, what is accepted as our principle is our nischaya.

Q: Once accepted in principle it no longer remains ours and becomes of the mun?

D: Who else's? Is it of the mun? Where is 'ours' here in all this relative material world? What was 'ours' has been taken away from us ( by the mun ). And furthermore it ( the mun ) stays in our rental room ( temporary life of this body ). And yet it steals from us again and again !
If a tile falls from someone's roof over your foot, you will remain quiet because the mun will say ,'who shall I blame?' Therefore, he says what his mun teaches him. Now the mun has  to follow according to our principle. Do not follow the mun.

How much do you think we follow the lead of the mun within a day's time?Do you understand?

Q: I understand.

D: How much, do you think, I follow the whims of the mind?

Q: Not even the least bit.

D: Then shoorvirataa... courage of a hero will follow.

Q: Yes shoorvirataa will follow. In every instance do not let the mun lead you. But this awareness should be present in all instances, is it not so?

D: Such awareness will be automatically present. Why not? Where will it go? It may escape and elude you once, twice  for a while , but with pratikramans confession, apology and affirmation not to err, it will come in control. That is why we  recite these nav kalmo...nine cardinal sutras towards freedom. The more you recite them
the more strength you will get. Recite them daily


When mind takes over
in Samayik

Satsang ends on page
321 of Aptavani 10.

Q: I do not like to sit in samayik ( introspective internal review where one sits for forty-eight minutes with eyes closed and review the film of incidents relating to a specific topic, e.g. anger. In anger one reviews all situations of anger in the past, from the vantage of a pure observer) and many times I want to skip it.

D: The mun may revolt but what has that got to do with you? Is it leading you against your principle? If yes, then it is in control. Yes, mun may revolt but do not follow its lead.

Q: In the first couple of years I used to do regular samayiks and I enjoyed it.

D: So then you are still on the path of like and dislikes. The one who listen to mun can not be called a man. Machinery is a better name for such a person. He has no say in the operations of the machine. He is not in control. Nothing is his. Now you have become Purush the awakened Self separate from prakriti the complex of thought, speech and action.

Q: One must be in control.

D: What do you do if your mun says no when you want to attend satsang? Do you listen to your mun then?

Q: No, in that event I do not agree with the mun.

D: If you do listen to the mun you will be lost and lose all. What will be left? Animals follow their mun and you follow your mun. By and large do you go against the dictates of your mun or not?

Q: Many times.

D: Good. The one who follows the mind is called mechanical like a machine. Put gas in the engine and it runs. Addressing another  Aptaputra Dadashri asks: Do you also follow the mun? If you do, even if you want to remain single, it will make you marry!

Q: That will not happen 

D: What kind of a man are you? If it does not let you proceed according to your wishes, you are not in control.

Q: The desire to meditate in samayik is rather weak.

D: Aha ! That means there is no desire to proceed into all this religious matters. There is no strength in this regard.
Samayik is for forty eight minutes. If you can not sit for forty eight minutes how will you be able to sustain brahmacharya? Rather, you should quietly get married. This brahmacharya celibate state is sustained by the strength of your nischaya unflinching determination. No one can make you sway. The one who is swayed by the mind will not be able to sustain brahmacharya.


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