Dadashri The Gnani Purush Joins & Urges You To Go Around Dada Bhagwan The Lord Within.

Please note that the yellow spots are from sandalwood paste on the image above.

Join Him As He Does The Abheda Darshan In All


So here we per his Agna

The raag of this garba pad is ...ho mei to bhool chali babul ka desh...piya ka ghar pyara lagey


Dada no Desh


Ho amey bhulee rahyaan sansaari vesh...Dada no Desh pyaaro lagey

We are beginning to forget and forgo the intricacies of the worldly life...and are falling in love with the kingdom of Dada Bhagwan

Koyee maaney na maaney aa lesh...2...Dada no Desh pyaaro lagey

Someone may not believe this a bit...2... but we are falling in love with the world of Dada



Amee bhareli eny aankhyoon anant ni...2

His eyes are filled with infinite love

Sahaj krupa jena akhoota prem ni...2

The grace of his pure love flows naturally

Ho....khobey khobey...2...peedheey ney peevaaya...Dada no Desh Pyaaro laagey

Oh yes!...We have drank this grace with gusto with our two hands...and come drink with us



Maheela ni goda goda farati 'aa' arati...2

This divine offering is indeed going around  the beloved One within

Ek ek feraamaa gooncho ookalati...2

Every round around Him clarifies my vision and solves my puzzles

Ho....kevi veetaayeli...2  samajaaya...Dada no Desh pyaaro laagey

Oh...only now I understand how I had bound these puzzles and problems unfolding in this life in my previous life



Kaun jhooki rahya Dada na sharaney !...2

Behold....these who are bowing to the divine feet of Dada

Kaun ghoomii rahyaan Dada na garbey  !...2

Behold these who are taking circles around Dada

Ho....havey saachoo...2 kutumba odakhaya....Dada no Desh pyaaro lagey

Now...I understand my real family



Hoonfo ni hoonf aa Param Prabhu ni....2

The subtle embracing comfort of this Absolute Lord excels all embraces 

Sahejey chhodaave maayavi hoonf thhi...2

And it releases one from all embraces that are illusionary deluding and temporary

Ho... chakhhi jene....2  kadii naa chhodey...Dada no Desh pyaaro lagey

The One who has had its taste will never leave it



Chhelli aa duniyaaney niragi salaam...2

The final  unattached bow and goodbye to this world

Panch kalyanak Dada Varas ni...2

representing the conception, birth, coming of age, enlightenment and nirvana of the follower of Dadashri

Ho....Swami Kshetre...2  aavii ney varase...Dada no Desh pyaro lagey

Will come forth and flow from the world of Current Living Tirthankara Lord Simandhar Swami...called Mahavideh.


Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness Of The Eternal Is Bliss


Sarvagnya Na Soocharanoma

Composed April 28, 2004



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