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Live Satsang with Gnani Purush Dadashri

The Vision of  Gnani Purush Dadashri is now a reality. Christmas 2005 began as a season of joy all over the world. Please accept this momentous gift from

Dadashri--His divine liberating speech--Dadavani, which shatters all illusions to reveal the Self in all its splendor and magnificence.

 A major milestone in Akram Vignan has arrived in 2005 and continues for generations to come.

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042six.mp3 043six.mp3 044six.mp3 045six.mp3 046six.mp3
047six.mp3 kirtan hymn Sahaj: the natural One. my sweet lord stuti hymn

Listen to More Live Satsang with Dadashri


002four.mp3 003four.mp3 004four.mp3 005four.mp3 006four.mp3
007four.mp3 008four.mp3 009four.mp3 010four.mp3 011four.mp3
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032four.mp3 033four.mp3 034four.mp3 035four.mp3 036four.mp3
037four.mp3 038four.mp3 039four.mp3 040four.mp3 041four.mp3
042four.mp3 043four.mp3 044four.mp3 045four.mp3 birthday celebration
akram siddhi bhav nu science liberator of  lifetimes a dream come true eye to eye with the Lord

And another 12 hours of satsang with The Akram Vignani...

000001.mp3 000104.mp3 000106.mp3 000107.mp3 000109.mp3
000111.mp3 000132.mp3 000133.mp3 000134.mp3 000136.mp3
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000173.mp3 000174.mp3 000175.mp3 000177.mp3 000178.mp3
000179.mp3 000180.mp3 000181.mp3 000182.mp3 000183.mp3
000184.mp3 000185.mp3 000186.mp3 000187.mp3 000188.mp3
000189.mp3 000190.mp3 tunthijudu.mp3 satsang.mp3 maneyvitarag.mp3

And another 12 hours of non stop satsang with Dadashri: Gnanvani 11

01.mp3 02.mp3 03.mp3 04.mp3 05.mp3
06.mp3 07.mp3 08.mp3 09.mp3 10.mp3
11.mp3 12.mp3 13.mp3 14.mp3 15.mp3
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31mp3 32.mp3 33.mp3 34.mp3 35.mp3
36.mp3 37.mp3 38.mp3 39.mp3 40.mp3
41.mp3 42.mp3 43.mp3 44.mp3 45.mp3
46.mp3 47.mp3 48.mp3 49.mp3 mariambamadi.mp3
tunthi.mp3 yehtera.mp3 whomi3.mp3 vitaragpratinidhi.mp3 tameymaramit.mp3
sunmere.mp3 amariabhoolo.mp3 marabhavo.mp3 jenejanyu.mp3 maneyvitaragsp.mp3

New Special Dada Gnanvani in long 90 minute formats

Shuddha Gnan Vani1.mp3

Shuddha Gnan Vani2.mp3

 Download Site Of Many Audiobooks of Dadashri

Special Offering to Gnani Purush Dadashri on You Tube


The Gnani Purush often punctuated his satsang with a few spiritual hymns during satsang

Spiritual Music & Hymns :: Dada Pados

and for those who wish to help

Yahoo Group :: Dada Internet Radio

This is for those with further interests in helping a world wide presence of continuous satsang of the gnani purush for generations to come.


Jai Sat Chit Anand


Sarvagnya na Soocharanoma...


Gift to the world date: Christmas Eve 2005

shuddha chidaroop avinashi aavishkaar....nikhil niranjan nirupana namokar...parmodayam paramanandam...param purush pahechan...pal pal pranoma...param nimit ne pranaam...pal pal pranoma...dadashri ne pranaam