Freedom from sexual impulses leading to celibacy in thoughts, speech and action.

The Gnani Purush  shows the modern day world meaningful way of attaining celibacy
and the resultant benefits of the state of
with unprecedented clarity.

The Akram Vignani,  Pujya Shri A.M. Patel  opened up new avenues for those seeking a correct approach to
the  eternal  puzzle faced by those striving for celibacy  in the path of attaining a higher order of
bliss and spirituality. These satsangs are now available in the form of a major work of 2 volumes called
Samaj Thi Prapt Brahmacharya
( Celibacy through Knowledge and Right Understanding )
edited  by
Dr. Niruben Amin
These volumes were published in 1997 by  Dada Bhagwan Foundation ( Madras ) in Gujarati
and are available by contacting
 Dr.Niruben Amin

The  Satsang on Brahmacharya with  The Gnani
Vast amount of new information is now available.  What follows is merely excerpts from the books.

Sexuality from the perspective of the Self Realised, The Gnani.
Sexual impulse...Vishaya...impedes the bliss of the Self. It makes a human being plunge into the garbage
heap of the five senses with senseless fervour. Human birth has the potential for the realization of the supreme
bliss of true freedom but alas, out of sheer ignorance of this potential, one gets stuck in ever increasing pile of garbage of sexuality and its consequences of bondage life after life. Even animals do not prefer such garbage.

Lord Mahavir  proclaimed and defined the Fifth Mahavrat ...great vow of brahmacharya for
human beings of this era because these beings have brought forth with them heavy burdens of sexual cause and effects, and to show them the way to true freedom...moksha he defined the fifth vow of brahmacharya, celibacy
of thoughts, speech and action.

Vishaya...sexuality is vikruti...non self, not necessary for the bliss of the Self.
It is simply a toy of the mind !
After the unbearable heat of a day why is it that the cattle soak in the dirty muddy waters ? The  deep desire for
coolness from heat makes them forget the stench of the dirty muddy water. Similarly modern day humans who
 suffer from the constant struggles and tensions of daily life at work and at at home, seek a diversion from the fire of such tensions and a release through sex and forget its consequences over and over again !
After terminating the enjoyment of a sexual act, even the strongest of man becomes a temporary weakling and
appears near dead ! What did he gain from it ?

Vishaya...sexuality is poison. Once identified as a poison would anyone touch it ?
If there is anything that needs to be feared in this world, it is this poison of  Vishaya. It is worse than all the
snakes and fearful animals of this world. And yet the ignorant of this world consider it the potion of supreme
pleasure ! Where is the end of ignorance and its opinions ?

Human birth is the result of endless lives of spiritual progress.
Only as a human being one has the potential to acquire moksha...true freedom
But alas ! in the momentary pleasures of sex, he looses all he has gained from previous lives

It is not possible for man to stay niralumb...independant and not wanting anything.
Only a Gnani Purush... the Awakened One can stay niralumb. All the rest have asked for a wife, son etc.,
in their previous lives according to their buddhi...prevailing intellect. They had just asked for...desired a woman
but along with comes the entire entourage of mother-in-law, father in law, brother in law, sister-in law, uncles, and
aunts from her side !! Wait a minute, he says, " I had only wanted a wife ! " Did you not know that she was going to
bring with her a whole gang of other relations ?" This is called bebhaanpanu...ignorance of the self. Not an iota of
the thought of the consequences of the desire of sex !! And thereafter his life is like the ox that goes round and round labouring at the grain mill !

No one has taught him or shown him what is correct and right. Even as a child he or she hears from the elders
that the spouse to be shall have such and such qualities, and marriage is a foregone conclusion, so that the family lineage is maintained.

Atmasookh...the bliss of the Self
Vishayasookh... the pleasure of sex
After attaining the bliss of the Self , the pleasures of sex become tasteless and redundant, just as a
cup of tea looses its sweetness after having had a sweet dessert. The higher the order of bliss the less
appealing the routine of the physical aspects of sexual pleasures.  The enjoyment of food is not prohibited.
There is no good to be attained in the enjoyment of sexual impulses. Know that it is merely an aspect of imaginations.

Vishaya...sexual culmination is sundaas...excretory toilet. But, because he becomes
tanmayakaar...doer of the, "I am having fun in this act ", he lays new causal seeds for more
of the same and its associated consequences mentioned above, life after life.

Vishaya...sexual inclination is not a consequence of intellect. It is a consequence of the distorted mind.
Therefore, with the help of buddhi it can be overcome and conquered.

If bliss indeed resided in sexual pleasures, then all the chakravarty rajas...great kings would not
have abandoned their many queens in the search for bliss...permanent pleasure.

What is the aim of life ? To procreate and die ? To acquire bliss or create problems and illnesses ?
You have studied so much and have had so much education. What for ? For maintenance of life ? To what end ?
What is the goal of this engine ( body ) of yours ?  Moksha...True freedom. But what direction were we supposed to take and look where we are headed !!!

Why do you attempt to stop bleeding from a cut ? To prevent shock and weakness .
Likewise this Vishay...sexual event drains your body and makes it weak.
Brahmacharya...Sexual continence is pudagalasaar...the essence of living body. So preserve it.
Economize on virya...semen and !
Semen is the ultimate extract of your food. With sexual incontinence it is depleted and disappears.
So strive for preservation of the essence of life for a higher goal.

Only that Brahmacharya...continence of sexuality in thoughts, speech and action
which results in
is worth it.

This  Akram Vignan...The new direct science of the Gnani
has the power to liberate and give moksha to
married ones as well.

For the one desiring to attain the state of Brahmacharya...
He or she should ask for the strength from
Dada Bhagwan...The Lord Within
" Dearest Lord Within me...Grant me the strength to remain free from sexual impulses
and remain in brahmacharya..."
Eradicate even the beginning of a sexual thought at the very instant it arises.
Do not engage your eyes towards a person of the opposite sex with such a thought.
If your eyes are attracted...retract them from within and do pratikraman
recall, repentance and avowal not to repeat the aggression
This pratikraman should be of the "shoot on sight "type...done as soon as the  transgression is known from within.

The Nischaya...supreme and unwavering determination of  brahmacharya...freedom from sexual inclinations
must be constant and this plus
the benevolence and grace  of the ever present  Gnani Purush  with appropriate
guidance of such a One as This...leads to permanent escape from the clutches of  sexuality...vishaya.

How does it help in the attainment of Atmasookh ... Bliss of the Self ?
It helps a lot.
Abrahmacharya...Sexual incontinence destroys everything...physical strength, mental strength, intellectual strength,
ego strength.  Whereas brahmacharya  solidly strengthens the entire antahkaran...the inner organ of mind, intellect,
citta and ego.

The practice of  Brahmacharya  most beneficial and good.
Even when this is not possible, the knowledge that abrahmacharya...sexual promiscuity is harmful is
in itself a great education and  a lesson learned indeed.

The Mahavrat of Brahmacharya is attained by the one to whom it becomes a natural state.
In such a state there is not even a memory of
nor is there an opinion lingering about
brahmacharya or abrahmacharya...sexual continence or incontinence

Indeed, the Atma...Soul is eternally asexual and in brahmacharya.
The Soul has never enjoyed
Atma is sookshmatum...the subtlest of the subtle, whereas is sthoola...gross.
The subtle can never interact, enjoy the gross.

Param Pujya Dadashri...The absolutely revered Dadashri...The Gnani  says that...
"After this Gnan...the Event in 1958, I have  not had even a thought of vishaya ".
Only then the words that eradicate the disease of vishaya from the roots... flows forth.

These is a direct translation  a part of the editorial of Pujya Niruben Amin in the first
volume of the book.
Dr. Niruben Amin continues to do the work started by the Akram Vignani.
She is readily available to field all questions related to issues raised in this and allied web sites
 The Gnani Purush, The Awakened One

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