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Only about five percent of the extraordinary new literature of Akram Vignan is now available on the web. The Gnani Purush has never written a word, and yet every time he said anything the words that came forth have been taken up by spiritual aspirants and freedom seekers like a man who has come across a few sips of water after a day long journey on a hot desert.
Indeed much more is available in Gujarati language, the language used by Dadashri. There are some Hindi books of satsang conducted by Dadashri in Hindi. Also note that except for tha the Aptavani all the English translations are of the abridged versions of the original texts. These master texts, scriptures for the new millenia remain to be translated and the work is ongoing.

This is an humble appeal and request to those amongst you who have expertise in other languages and would like to help in translating these great books of the Gnani Purush. In addition to  other languages in India help is being sought for translations in all the languages mentioned on the entry page of With deep reverence to that within you which leads you higher...within.~shuddha

These Books are:

Aptavani Vols 1 through 14


These books are available free, for you to download by clicking on individual links. Actual copies are wonderful to hold and treasure as you read the words of the Gnani Purush. These books are available at cost plus postage. No personal profit motive was ever suggested, intended or advised by Pujya Dadashri with reference to the ongoing work of Akram Vignan. His deepest inner intent remains that the suffering humanity attain the bliss that is so easy through this science. Every penny that you pay to hold and absorb the words of the Gnani, is re-circulated in more such literature and other media for the salvation of the world. Please contact the persons mentioned below or click on the link below.

1. Who Am I?  This book introduces the basic teaching of Gnani Purush Dadashri. It is the foundation of the entry into the world of Self-realization. By asking this simple question and providing the exact answer Dadashri unfolds to the world the direct approach to the Self called Akram Vignan.


2. Generation Gap:  Father, mother, son, daughter. These close relationships within the family are the basis of satsang with Dadashri. The existing problems are discussed from the worldly view as well as from the spiritual view. Special attention is given to the growing rift between the new and the old generation. Parental duties and the duty of children and young adults towards their parents is explained with clarity and compassion.


3. The Essence Of All Religion: The relationship between cause and effect life after life is a necessary part of understanding deep inner intent and how it shapes our current life. The core teaching of all religion is summarized in nine simple sentences of deep inner intent and each of these sentences are explained in great detail by the Gnani Purush.



4. Science of Karma: Everyone talks about karma and karma effects. Even in India where such discussion is prevalent, there is rampant confusion about this topic. Gnani Purush Dadashri unfolds the exact answers to cause karma, effect karma and effects of effects karma, in the entire spectrum of the laws of karma with unprecedented clarity.



5. Anger: This most common and disastrous inner enemy of man is explained in its entire spectrum by the Gnani.  Exact and precise keys to eradicate anger are given to the reader in this booklet.



6. Worry: In this world not a single human being moves about without the burden of worries. There are reasons for worries and the Gnani Purush tackles this problem from the relative perspective. He then also promises and eradicates worries by the final approach of attaining the Self in the Gnan Vidhi.



7. Adjust Everywhere: This is the first of four worldly master keys given by the Gnani Purush. It will help everyone. Disadjustment to others and situations invite problems  conflicts, and set up causes for another life. Adjustment leads to liberation.



8. Avoid Clash: This is the second of the four master keys. To be without clash is to be free.



9. What Has Happened is Justice:  This is the third of the four master keys. That which has happened is exact justice. This justice is nature’s justice and no one can escape that. Instant freedom is possible for the one who accepts this with the right understanding provided by the Gnani Purush.



10. Fault Is Of the Sufferer:  This is fourth of the four master keys. It will lead to liberation if one follows it. The happiness and peace that follows the applied understanding of this unique sutra of the Gnani is the proof of the ultimate truth of his words.


11. Death: Before, During And After: The Gnani Purush is the only one who can explain and unfold to the mortal man, the nature of death, what happens before, during and after death and the reasons behind this occurance.


12. Current Living Tirthankara Lord Simandhar:  Is there a fully enlightened human being in this universe? Yes, says the Gnani Purush and he shows the way to meet such a Lord.



13. Pratikraman:  In a sea of infinite errors committed by a human being every day in life, how is one to escape and be free. How is one to become non-violent through the medium of thoughts, speech and acts?  Without true non-violence, liberation is not possible. The exact method of reversal from all forms of aggression, ranging from gross to the subtlest are shown by Dadashri in this cardinal book.



14. Non-Violence:  The world refers to non-violence to only that which is visible to all. This is only the tip of the iceberg. True non-violence is the state of non-hurt to any living being through the medium of thoughts, speech and actions. The Gnani Purush unfolds all aspects of violence and shows the way to attain true non-violence.



15. Love: There are so many connotations to the word love in this world. The Gnani explores them all and shows us the meaning of true love. This love is within all, and needs to be opened up. Love that is real is beyond all expectations and remains in all situations. It never increases or decreases.


16. Brahmacharya Attained With Understanding:  Freedom from all sexual impulses through thoughts, speech and acts is the exact attainment of brahmacharya. In this world that revolves around sexuality as its major driving force is this possible? Impossible as it may seem, The Gnani Purush declares that it is possible because of the presence of the living new science of Akram Vignan. Through it, he shows the way to scale the heights of this Himalayan task with the right tool of understanding.      



17. Harmony In Marriage: Disharmony, differences of opinions and clashes begin within days after every marriage. Love that existed before marriage, turns into something that exists only in movies. What are the exact reasons for this? Without understanding these reasons one must know that one is entering a life time trap of disharmony when one signs a marriage contract. The Gnani Purush shows the way to attain harmony amongst married couples with deep clarity and compassion.



18. Money: The critical force that runs this world is money. Does money come from hard work or using intelligence? The answer will wake you up. Which is better, a thousand dollars of pure money, or a hundred thousand dollars of impure money? Why is it called the eleventh life? The total spectrum of worldly interactions and flow of money are exposed in this book.



19. Flawless Vision: As one proceeds up the mountain of spirituality, the vision that is attained becomes without flaws and then finally flawless. In this book Dadashri takes you up this mountain with him and gives you that which the world has never seen before. This is the flawless vision in all its glory.



20.  Autobiography Of Gnani Purush Dadashri:  The Gnani Purush never wrote a word. His words however have become the foundation of the new science of Akram Vignan. This book is a compilation of his talks about his life and spiritual journey.



21. Aptavani One: This is the first major reference text of the Akram Vignan presented to the world. The speech of the Gnani Purush has been compiled from notes taken in spiritual question and answer sessions in the late sixties and early seventies. It addresses most topics which Dadashri  came forth as his words unfolded the new path of liberation. Comprehensive as it is, the novice as well as the advanced traveler on the spiritual path is amazed with the precision of the words that have exactness of a razor's edge on the clarity of the vision that illuminates from within.


22. Aptasutra:  The Classic of 4231 sutras- sentences that liberate, that have come forth naturally from Gnani Purush Dadashri. A simple glance at any of these sutras sustains the Self, and leads towards absolute enlightenment. The entire volume of 459 pages remains to be translated in English. On this site you will encounter a few of these sutras. It is a beautiful hard bound book or is available in 5 pocket booklets version as well. 


23. Life Without Conflict: Everyone strives for, toils for, prays for and sometimes even pays the psychotherapist for  meaningful solutions to conflicts in daily life. The answers to this problem does not lie outside, but within. The Gnani Purush graces the reader with practical readily applicable inner adjustments that begin to take hold leading to a harmonious life without conflict in daily interpersonal relations between spouses, family members, firends, colleagues and those who are called 'difficult' human beings. This book being presented to the world in 2005 is a masterpiece from Aptavani Three. 


24. Spirituality In Speech: To be able to bring forth words that heal, soothe and shower true love on the listener is grace incarnate. The Gnani Purush unfolds the hidden mysteries behind speech with unprecedented clarity. In this book he graces the reader with the keys that will unfold the practical approach towards non-violence in speech. From the hell of hurtful speech to the divine sounds of speech that liberates, there lies the vision of the One who has known and seen it all. A book on spiritual aspects of speech is a rare gem in the world and is being offered on the web in May 2005.


25. The Trimantra: This book presents the scientific approach to the recitation of a mantra and the benefits derived through exact and correct understanding of the mantra being recited. The three mantras are then explained with precision and one is left with a great resource and weapon to face and forestall impending obstacles in life.


26. Noble Use of Money: Every human being is being graced, because of some charitable act is happening in this universe. To be able to give is grace. The blessing of giving is both for the giver and the taker. The Gnani Purush explains the four major types of charity and evokes a powerful desire for charity within the reader. Meaningful charity is that which one can take along for the next life. Find out what comes with you in the next life in this valuable book.


27. Aptavani Two: Major Reference Work: This exclusive gift to the world on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Akram Vignani Dadashri encompasses the entire message to the extent that can be printed in words. Representing a translation of his actual words recorded in Spiritual question and answer sessions, it becomes alive within the heart of the reader, as if he is in direct presence of the Gnani Purush Himself. This book is being offered in two versions. one with images and another without on the web, and its actual book version will be available by July 2007.


28. Aptavani Nine: Major Reference Work: This  second exclusive gift to the world on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Akram Vignani Dadashri. This was the last Aptavani unveiled in His presence in 1986. It shows the enlightened mahatma of Akram Vignan how to throw the laser thin precise light of the Self on the subtle interacting kashayas of pride, deceit and greed and their ramifications and dangerous pitfalls on the path of final liberation. This  500 + pagesbook is being offered in two versions. one with images and another without on the web, and its actual book version is now available.

29. Guru-Disciple  Available since February 2008 this new book is a must for all spiritual seekers. This book of 138 pages has been complied by Dr.Niruben Amin and has been available in Gujarati since 1997. Here Gnani Purush Dadashri lays bare all aspects of the guru-teacher-disciple relationship, its major pitfalls in the current times, and the precise role of the Gnani Purush in this relationship. It shows in so many ways how the Gnani Purush is no one's guru. It unfolds in the mind of the seeker what exactly to look for before taking up a guru and what is expected of the seeker in this most precious relationship on the path of spirituality and liberation. 

30. Aptavani Six  Available since May 29 2008, this new Apatavani for the non - Gujarati speaking world is a spiritual marvel and  is extraordinary in unfolding the inner landscape of the enlightened one of Akram Vignan. This Aptavani gives the advanced seeker of Akram Vignan major keys to unlock the doors which block the bliss within. It has been available in Gujarati Version since 1980, but is now available for the world as envisioned by the Gnani Purush, free for all. 

31. Helping Others  Many will say that they are not seeking liberation. Instead they assert that they love life and the good things and pleasures that life offers. The Gnani purush in this small and beautiful book opens up the ways to attain happiness in life through helping others. Various ways of helping others are explained in context with cause and effects in life after life, and emphasis is given to happiness from the causal perspective. This book will be of great benefit to all humanity. Web upload June 14 2008.

32. Aptavani Five  The Web Version of this great Aptavani is available since October 2009. Opening the first pages will amaze you as the Gnani unfolds the ultimate secrets of tattva Gnan, the scientific liberating knowledge. Ther is much more in this Aptavani for those who have attained the Self through the Gnan Vidhi. 

33. P-R-A-T-I-K-R-A-M-A-N  This 500 page plus volume on the Greatest Spiritual Weapon is available on the web since October 2009.

34. Aptavani Four Aptavani 4 is a great book to get yourself familiar with the Science of Akram Vignan. It is also excellent for the advanced mahatma with chapters on awareness, meditation, purushartha and bhaav.

35. Aptavani Twelve Aptavani 12 is The Book to keep at Your bedside, if You are a mahatma of Dadashri. This book is for those who have attained the 'Second Phase of the Moon Level Awareness and Experience as the Self' in the Gnan Vidhi and want to proceed towards the Clear and Distinct Experience of the Self

36. The Charan Vidhi  The Charan Vidhi of the Gnani Purush is a compilation of various special prayers to connect with the Self and much much more. This book is given to those who have received the Gnan Vidhi. Here it is offered for all. This version does not have the Special Vidhi for the Awakened Ones in Akram Vignan.

37. Aptavani 8  The Web Version of this great Aptavani which unveils the fundamentals of spirituality, is in two major sections. The first half explains the secrets of this universe and the second half shows how to attain the Self. Two versions are available. There is a version without images also.

38. Aptavani 3  This magnificent Aptavani which unveils all the qualities and much more about the Self, as experienced by The Gnani Purush in His absolute Knowledge is in two major sections. The first half explains the Self and the second half shows how to Be in worldly interactions. This second half has been available as a separate book called Life Without Conflict above. Aptavani 3 is now available as a special gift from the Gnani Purush and Atma Gnani Pujya Niruma beginning in January 2013. It was first published and available in Gujarati on July 20 1978. Two versions are available. There is a version with images also.

39. Self realization   This book introduces the basic teaching of Gnani Purush Dadashri. It is the foundation of the entry into the world of Self-realization. By asking this simple question and providing the exact answer Dadashri unfolds to the world the direct approach to the Self called Akram Vignan. Available since January 2013 this is an enhanced version of the basic Book Who am I? of Gnani Purush Dadashri.

40. Aptavani 7  What is truly beneficial in this life as a human being? The nature of money and wealth, and its relationship to pleasure, pain and meaningful lasting pleasure. The puzzles of life and their solutions. Worries and freedom from worry. Fear and fearlessness. Anger visible and invisible turmoil.The real language of sin and merit karma. The suffering due to wrong understanding about money inflow. Unethical conduct within limits. All this and much more is given the exact light of the fully awakened One, the Gnani purush in this easy to read and continue to progress Aptavani of Dadashri which was first available to the world in early eighties in Gujarati and is now available to the world in English.

41. Aptavani 13 Volume 1  Aptavani 13 is in 2 volumes. Both volumes are for advanced level understanding for the Mahatma of Akram Vignan. In Volume 1 Gnani Purush Dadashri provides amazing details about the prakruti-the non-Self complex, the charge and discharge karma, Seeing and Knowing, and the Knower as the absolute state.

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