Dadashri says:

All are not

ready for the

the Gnan

that Liberates





The Four Basic Truths that Lead to




1. The Fault is of The Sufferer

2. Whatever has happened is Justice

3. Adjust Everywhere

4. Avoid Clash

The above four fundamental tenets and truths revealed by Dadashri will ultimately lead the applier of these principles to moksha-liberation. 

The Gnan--knowledge of the Self + Knowledge of the workings of the universe- grants instant liberation. This is impossible without meeting the Gnani. Purush. 

For understanding and benefitting from the above four truths one does not necessarily have to strive to meet the Gnani Liberator. Having stated this, please note that meeting the Gnani Purush will help accepting the above four with great ease, even if you are not inclined to the Gnan Vidhi.