There are two mangoes in front of you.One mango has an aroma, given time it will become a little dry, the skin will shrivel and will eventually begin to rot.  The other one looks exactly like a mango, only it is made out of wood.  It does not have the aroma; it will not shrivel or rot. They are both mangoes, but one does not have the qualities of a real mango.  The real mango will exhibit its natural properties. It can only be called a mango if it has and remains within its natural attributes.Similarly you can say that a thing is in its innate nature, dharma, if it exhibits its innate nature.  The belief,  ‘I am the body’, or to believe the body, the non-Self, to be your real identity is dharma of another (par-dharma).  To believe the Self as the Self is one’s own dharma, nature (swa-dharma).That is atma-dharma, dharma of the Self.



Gnani Purush Dadashri