Sarvaswa Amaroo Arpan Chhe Bhagwan Tamara Charanoma Soocharanoma

We Offer You Our Love Beyond Words On This 100th Birthday of Yours Dada, November 7, 2007


Rare indeed are the souls in this world who lead you towards the bliss of the Self called moksha. Even more rare than these are the scriptures that describe the Self and show the ways to attain the Self. Even more rare than these are the Self realized masters who have attained the Self. An encounter with an Enlightened Master, an Atma Gnani and the consequent unfolding of the true desire for liberation within a seeker is extremely rare. The most rare of all is the direct establishment of The State of The Self, Self Realization within the seeker, at such a meeting.  

It is only in the human form that an encounter with a Gnani Purush will bring about liberation. Even the celestial beings yearn for a birth as a human. Just by meeting a Gnani Purush and establishing a connection with him, the body complex, which for endless lives had been a foe, becomes a friend. You have met the Gnani in this human body so get your work done. Complete your connection with The Self, and attain the eternal bliss that prevails in all situations of life.

The core messages of innumerable scriptures have been given for the express intent of the attainment of the Self, the natural State of the Self. Self realization is the goal of human life. The Gnani Purush's words have the unparalleled power to make you interested in the pure Soul, awaken your pure love for the pure Soul, and eternally establish your conviction that You indeed are the pure Soul. Without this understanding of the quality of the Gnani it is not possible to attain liberation.

The most precious of all is human birth and life. Liberation from recurrent entry into different life forms is possible only when one attains human birth. Do not waste this precious life of yours. Get your work done. Dada Bhagwan is Atma Gnan, the knowledge of the Self. This knowledge, Gnan is available to you through the Gnan Vidhi. Look for the Gnan Vidhi after reading the book: Who Am I?

Glory to the Bliss of the Awakened Experience of The Eternal



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