Akram Vignan

has a 

Gift for 


"Even as a young man I

was keenly aware of the

sense that whosoever

meets me, should leave

with something useful for

his life..."

The Gnani Purush 





Akram Vignan offers something to everyone

Now that your eyes have met the Gnani Purush there is a gift for you.

Some will say, I am happy with my life and I am not seeking anything in particular. Fine. Perhaps in your leisure time you would like to browse through the following which represents a universal prayer in 9 simple sentences



Then there is the individual who has problems with his spouse : Here is the gift:

Harmony in Marriage


This couple is fine and have no significant problems, except for a difficult teenager. Here is the gift for all three of them:

Generation Gap

In a world filled with tensions and stresses, how am I going to live a life without inner or outer conflict?

Life Without Conflict

This person is not interested in marriage or children. Does Dadashri have a gift for him or her? Yes, a special one...


I have made enough and more money in my life. I would like to get a simple direct guidance of how to share my money with others in this world

The  Noble  Use  Of  Money

As I look back in my life, I become aware that 95% of my problems have been due to hurting others through words. Is there a way I can correct this?

Spirituality In Speech

This person has a lot of issues with anger. How to cope with the ravages of anger? Here is the gift:

Anger Is Gone Like A Cloud


This individual's life is bogged down with tremendous weight of recurring guilt. Here is the Gift:



This person simply does not understand why there is so much suffering in his life, despite living a clean life. Here is the gift:

Suffer No More


This person worries constantly. Here is the gift:

Worries Gone Forever Without Pills & Bills

This person is into mantras and meditation. Is there a Mantra with the power to bring the ultimate result?

The Trimantra

This person is seeking and searching spiritually. He wants to know the mystery of life after life. Here is the gift:

Mystery of Life after Life


This person openly admits that he is seeking freedom from all changing pleasures and pains of life. He has not found the way to liberation yet. He is tired of the worldly religious paths and instructions. He has had it with all the preaching and commandments. Here is the gift:

We will not tell you...It is a Secret


This person is in love. Is this love for real or is it an infatuation? Here is the gift of the Gnani Purush:



This is simply amazing. My gratitude to him is beyond words. This is indeed the Scripture of the New Millennium. This applies to all who want liberation. Too good to be true? Find out for your self and Self:

Scripture Of The New Millennium


What do you say, think and pray for when you get the news of a loved one?

The Mystery Of Death & Life


I Want To Read All about This Wonder Of all Wonders

My Life As Ambalal: This Life As A Gnani


This is all so wonderful. I just can't get enough of the words of The Gnani.Is there anything more? In answer...the Gnani smiles and 

Masterpiece of the Master Artist & Scientist


This man says that he is not interested in Liberation. He gets much joy in helping others. Do you have anything for me?   Not all are cut out for Liberation. Here is the gift: 

I want to Help Others

There is a sense of intoxication that engulfs the one who begins to use the words of the Gnani Purush. This is especially true for the one who is endowed with a keen intellect. This cancer within the intellect can grow and never let the owner know of the devastation after 'Self-realization.' Check it out at

The Pitfalls on the Path of Liberation


Is there anything more?


The Final Liberator


For further information please contact:


The First Kalam Of Dadashri


Where Gnan Vidhi happens, the Gnan takes hold within.

Where the Inner Light shines, darkness of ignorance and suffering vanishes.


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