That which I received from The Master is My Religion
That which I received from The Master is My Penance
That which I received from The Master is My All


Agnaa dharam no aa maarug...aagnaa dharam no aa  maruma
This way..path of following the instructions...the exact intricacy and meaning
Koyee viraloj paamey vaat...viraloj paamey saath
can only be gained by a rare hero...and thus be graced.
Aaguma sutro ke upanishad...anoobhavee vaani j syaadvaad
Scriptures have existed for eternity...only the experience of the essence of these scriptures
brings forth the language that hurts no living being
Koyeeye kahyoo to chhoney kahyu...tape record aa to aavoo vagyoon !
So what importance will you grant to the words that were hurled to you ...after all those words were
tape recorded previously
Vitaraago ni aa sahaj kshma...
The effortless and spontaneous mercy of the Enlightened
Swa bhaavee satsang shitadtaa...
and the eternal cool stillness of their countenance
Aveerat alipta rahyoon...
maintains the unbroken link of that which can never be affected
Param Vinaye rahyoon....Aagna dharam no..
and hence remains in Absolute humility...
Sansaari filo maa kadvoon mithoo...jene swaad hato tey chaakhey have  !
The experience of pleasure or pain amidst those who come across us in our daily life
is for the one who had a yearning for this taste in a previous life
maheela sookh na saagar ni to...kinaare bharati ot j hoy
Indeed the inner ocean of bliss still has tides and ebb at its shores
gaheri gahan maheeli sthirataa...
but at its true depths...beyond the known
Gnani angoothey nispandantaa...
is the equivalence of the stillness... that is at the feet of The Gnani
Veero naa Vir nu rahyoon...
and is the legacy of a rare hero
Param Vinaye rahyoon... Aagnaa dharam no..
who knows this and is established in absolute humility
Ek tal bharnu asamyaktva...Ek pal bharnu abrahmacharya...
Whether be it a seed's weight worth of ignorance of the true nature of things..
or a split second's worth of straying from the bliss of the Self
Jaagrut dasha ma jeym chhe teym...jovaanu havey baaki rahyu
The path of The Gnani and thereby his aagnas...precepts and instructions
resets us all in the centre
by awakening the enlightened world view of the Observer
Aagnaa ma sampoorna samatolan...
and this view of full and balanced equanimity
nirpeksh drashtinu nyaya tolan...
is only for the one who is without any desires and expectations
ek Gnani krupa thhi fadyoon...
defining the Grace of the Gnani
Param Vinaye rahyoon...Aagnaa dharam no...
leading to the state of the Humility as described....
Satsang ni ek ek pal no yog...Asangi sat no sat sanyog
Two types of company are described...that which leads to the Eternal
and that which Is Eternal
Swapurushaarthi swaupayogey...sukheeyoj sookh ney felaavey
Those who have gained the Enlightened World View...see
 The Vidhi
live within their newly acquired State...and bliss can only be offered by the one who has
known bliss
Aagnaa paalan nu rahasya...
The great secret behind following the aagnaas...that which I have received from The Master
Moodmooktinu aa maha drashya...
This great vision of the Original Freedom
Agnaa dharmey j rahyo....
is the essence of this religion
Param Vinaye rahyoon...Aagnaa dharam no...
wherin there is no hurt to any living being through these thoughts, spech and action
Pratyek avasthhaa poodgalee...pratyek sanyogo paraayaan...
Each experience and event related to this worldly existence is non-self
Ek ekney jotaan pal pal maa...ek ek nikaalee "Gnaani " na
and once seen as such...each becomes history in the eyes of the Seer
" Aakhonoo " navoo darshan aajey...New Millennium Gnani kaajey...
This new Vision of the inner Eyes...Enlightened World View is for The Work of The Gnani
for the New Millennium
akhand vacchan rahyoon...
and represents  his Eternal Promise
Param Vinaye rahyoon...Aagnaa dharma no aa maarug...
which I am experiencing with absolute humility at his feet.
Sarvagna na Soocharanoma...
Composed:  Jan 1, 1999
Offering : Jan 2, 1999.


Shuddha chidroopa avinaashee aavishkaar...nikhila niranjan niroopana namokaar
Parmodayam parmaanundam Param Purush pahechaan
Pal pal praanoma Parm Nimit ney pranaam
Jai Sat Chit Anand

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