The world of the Gnani is beyond all thoughts, speech and action. Here lie the secrets of eternal bliss. For endless lives you have strived to know and experience the bliss that is beyond all states of the relative world; the true meaning of the experiences of pleasure and pain, joy and grief, virtue and vice, birth and death. Grace happens to the one who comes to know this Gnani, who is popularly known as Dada. The Gnani opens up to the world the new Science of Self-Realization, called Akram Vignan, which is beyond all traditional religions known to man. This Science of moksha, total freedom in daily life, is available now to all without any conditions or costs. All it involves is right understanding of the true nature of things, world and the Self. Self Realization  verily is moksha while seeing and experiencing through the medium of these thoughts, words and acts.

The Akram Vignan Of
Gnani Purush

India, the land that has given forth to the world sages, mystics and enlightened beings over millennia now presents to the world The Akram Vignani.

There are no words to describe The Gnani who as The Awakened One moves about in human form solely for salvation of the world and suffering humanity. The scientific approach to realization of the Self is new.
In the pages that follow and the links attached to this main site of The Gnani experience a glimpse of that which has never been known...your Real Self.


Namaste is the greeting that you receive from the one who bows the head and folds the hands. The symbolic representation is :
I hereby close all that represents attachments and abhorrence by folding my hands and I am paying respect to the Lord within you by bowing my head. The Gnani gives you divyachakshus...divine inner vision that makes this process your living experience.

Dada Bhagwan Na Aseem Jai Jaikar Ho

Dada Bhagwan is the name given by The Gnani to the Lord within who represents our Eternal Self. That Self is Atma Gnan, Self Knowledge.

Jai Sat Chit Anand

The Awareness of the Eternal is Bliss.

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November 2007- November 2008 is 100th Anniversary Celebrations of Gnani Purush Dadashri. With Best Wishes for You for 2007, and  through His infinite Grace, we humbly offer you 3 of His latest Major Reference Book of 500 pages Aptavani 2 & Aptavani 9 free and Aptavani 6: 

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Aptavani 9 of the Gnani Purush

Special 100th Anniversary Dadavani Magazine of The Gnani Purush on November 7, 2007


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